At The Farm...

Hey everyone...

Sorry I have been absent again! Things are really busy! I don't really feel like I've stopped let alone had a chance to use the fiancé's laptop to blog!

I wanted to share with you a slightly. more relaxing day we had on Sunday! The fiancé and I had my nieces for the day! We decided to take them to a local farm I had heard lots about called Willows, in London Colney.

The girls really enjoyed it, but we were a bit disappointed! Lots of the attractions were shut, but were reopening soon for Christmas! Even though it's advertised as an all year attraction, there weren't many animals around! Luckily the girls were thrilled with what they did see and we headed back early to bake some cupcakes together!

It was a lovely day and we're hopefully having them soon to stay the night! Wish us luck!

I have lots more to blog about and will hopefully have time on Sunday!

Jewel x


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