They're Putting Up Reindeer...

Hey Everyone,

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend! Another Christmassy post I'm afraid... does anyone know the song referenced in my last two posts?

Anyway, yesterday I decided I needed to make a special effort to find some goodies for my Christmas Charity Shop Swap and so we went to our local high street. I found all the presents I needed for the swap (which I will show you when it's been received) but also got a little carried away and bought myself somethings...

Traditional Advent Calendar from Mr.Simms

I didn't get an advent calendar last year, as it's always been something my parent's have bought me. Well this year, the fiance treated me to this traditional beauty. I hate the modern ones, that usually have no link to Christmas at all. I'm not religious, so I shouldn't complain, but I think an Advent Calendar becomes meaningless if it is just a box of over priced, ridiculously small chocolates. At least this one will put me in a Christmassy mood and help me count down the days...
Advent Numbered Heart Pegs

As will these fantastic numbered pegs. I found them in Tiger, which is a local shop (only has a few branches in London) but has fantastic things inside, all at very reasonable prices. I describe it as the IKEA of accessories and gifts. The most expensive product is £30 and most things are much cheaper - such as these pegs - a bargain at £2. I have already planned how I am going to use them, and am starting work on it as we speak...

...And I also couldn't resist this oh so Christmassy little tealight holder - and for £1 I thought it was worth treating myself. However, I didn't stop there...

... I found this beautiful addition for my slowing growing collection of Royal Albert Old Country Roses china, when searching the charity shops for my swap. She wasn't cheap, but she was worth it (I still mean the china) at £4 - I can't wait to serve some pretty sweets or chocolates in her.

Finally, to finish in a very Christmassy manner, I wanted to show you all my Christmas decorations now they are sewn up and finished (I saw all, there are three I am personalising for gifts, and two difficult ones I have yet to tackle - but this is almost all of them). I hope you like them...

I apologise for the poor photos (I didn't take them) they really don't do them justice! If you would like to order any of these decorations, please let me know, or take a look at my folksy shop -

I am running a promotion for four of these lovelies for just £10, and they can all be personalised as they are made to order!

Ooooh Christmas really is coming!

Jewel x


  1. I love the look of Tiger!! Have just looked it up and they have lots of nice, cheap bits. Seems to be about half an hour from my mother-in-laws!!!

  2. I really like your decs Jewel lovely to see them all finished.
    I like traditional advent calendars too... i have seen a lovely East of India one which is tiny buckets on string... so cute.

  3. love the advent calendar heart pegs and the tea light holder! i love the finished results of your christmas decorations! the royal albert china is just gorgeous!

    x susan

  4. Great buys, love your makes as well :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. The song reference is River (good old google haha) i must admit I have not heard that one, then again i most probably have, I will have to youtube it later :)

    Some lovely little buys and I am still loving those makes, lots of inspiration :) x x x x


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