It's coming on Christmas...

Hey Everyone...

I apologise for my posts being so irregular at the moment. I hope you're still all reading? Things have been really mad at home the past couple of weeks, but hopefully things will be back to normal next week. I have some exciting news to share with you all but I can't just yet...

In the meantime I wanted to show you how I spent my Sunday. I had a whole day with no specific plans, and as part of my lovely relaxing weekend I decided I wanted to do some sewing. So...

I made lots of lovely Christmas decorations! You may notice that they are all not finished! I need to sew up the gaps, and iron down the folds, but otherwise they are done...

I am so pleased with them. I really love them, and it really makes me proud to know that the decorations on my tree this year will be handmade!

Some of the decorations will be for our tree, some are for gifts for my friends and family, and some will be appearing at the Frost Fair craft fair on the 3rd December in East Finchley...

Which reminds me... I need to get crafting. I am hugely behind on my nicely made plans for making Christmas presents for my friends and family, and I have a very important application to complete, so things will still be busy for me this month! I need to knuckle down and use my evenings to get crafting!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I promise to catch up with all your blogs soon, I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to catch up with you all, which I hate, so I will make an effort soon!

Jewel x


  1. Fab decorations Juli. I`ve made some decs for my tree this year too.

  2. They are beautiful! You're a sewing machine making them in only 1 day. I have also managed to make some of my own decorations this year but they won't be enough to cover the whole tree. I need to add to my stash every year!

  3. What lovely decorations! I love the fabrics you have chosen and the pretty ribbons. I am sure they will look fab on your Christmas tree. Nothing beats something handmade :)

  4. Juli, these are gorgeous I love them x x x x

  5. Loving your Christmas decorations!! They are really cute!!

  6. Well done - they look so professional and.........PRETTY!!


  7. i can relate to you on this! i've been busy as well doing crafts for my craft fair in rustington, west sussex for december, still unsure whether i'll be ready or not as this is my first craft fair for charity though, i love all of your christmas decorations, they're beautiful and adorable! i love them all! x susan

  8. Pure JOY!!! I need a day to create...Christmas is coming!!! Yahoo. Love your pretty blog. xoxox


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