Afternoon Tea At The Ritz

Hey Everyone...

Can you believe that title! Yes, on my birthday I was treated to afternoon tea at THE RITZ! The one and only! My gorgeous fiance organised a celebration champagne afternoon tea for us at 7.30pm!

I have walked past this beautiful hotel many a time, and now it is a landmark in my weekly commute! I never thought I would get to go inside...

The infamous sign...

Inside.... it took my breath away! It was like a palace! Stunning, beautiful, decadent, classic...

We were seated in the stunning palm court, a raised area with beautiful mirrored walls and marble steps, off of the main concourse of the hotel...

And the afternoon tea - Oh the afternoon tea! What can I say!? It was perfection...

Made extra special with a glass of champagne!

And made magical with the opulent surroundings...

Endless tea, special vegetarian sandwiches for me, hot from the oven scones, and delectable patisserie!

They bring out the scones, only when you're ready for them, so they are lovely and warm!

The miniature cakes were delicious, but we were so full we couldn't finish them...

Then the piece de resistance! 

My very own birthday cake...

Complete with 'Happy Birthday' played by the quartet, a candle and a personal iced message!

Boxed up to take home with us... we couldn't have eaten a crumb more!

We even had a creme caramel type dessert and then a dessert trolley - I couldn't even finish this slice of delicious Bakewell tart!

Although I did finish the most scrumptious macaroon I have ever tasted!

It really was the most PERFECT birthday ever!

Thank you Andrew!
I do not deserve you!

Love Jewel xXx


  1. What a fabulous birthday treat! Doesnt come any better than that - how thoughtful of your fiance!

    It all looks amazing, the surroundings and the food,and it looks as though you had a wonderful time - a Birthday to remember.

    Gill xx

  2. Wow, it sounds and looks absolutely amazing! What a special way to celebrate ones birthday :) Those cakes look so delicious! You look lovely as well, a very pretty dress..

  3. Aww Juli what a very special treat. The Ritz is beautiful and you look fab I love the frock.

  4. happy Birthday!!!! Wow, sooo super jealous, what a thoughtful man you have there....Just lovely!
    Nattie x

  5. oh my wonderful, a day to remember forever x
    lovely to see you both and happy birthday from me again ;o)
    mmmmm my tummy is rumbling!
    love jooles x

  6. How fabulous. I bet you don't pass The Ritz again without remembering your birthday, it looks like you had a wonderful time.

  7. Every thing looked wonderful Happy Birthday lucky girl!

  8. It is so beautiful in there, we took my Nan for her 70th Birthday it is such a special treat and something you will always remember x x x x

  9. Lucky you! what a beautiful place, perfect surroundings and lovely food and champagne! you look gorgeous and your dress is so pretty! xx susan

  10. Wow............that's a lot of cake!! You should have asked if you could come back every afternoon to eat the rest!!
    Glad you had a lovely time though - thoroughly spoilt!

  11. Jeez! Had you eaten earlier in the day?! The boyfriend's Mum, Aunt and Gran went yesterday and said it was devin! I would love it! xxx

  12. Wow! That looks amazing! I dream of having tea at the Ritz. Who knows, one of my birthdays... ;)

  13. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful way to celebrate.


  14. What a fabulous birthday day out you lucky thing!

    Victoria xxx


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