My 6th Birthday Party...

Hey Everyone...

Yay at last it's Friday! I am so glad it is the weekend again! Although that means this post is almost a week belated! I do apologise but I am almost caught up now! Thank you so much for all of the lovely birthday wishes and all the lovely comments on my blog! It really does mean a lot to me!

Tonight I wanted to tell you about my 6th birthday party! I decided, as I was 6, to have a kid's birthday party and sleepover. Later this year we will all be having a big night out for my hen do, so I thought we could take it easy and stay in for my birthday!

I didn't take it too easy though! I spent lots of time making decorations and baking up a storm!

I used my Hummingbird Bakery cookbook again, and made some banoffee cupcakes, which have a caramel custard topping...

And I made the little 'Eat Me' cupcake flags from a free printable! 

I also used a free printable to create some stripy party hats...

And I decided to give everyone party bags! Inside were my handmade heart brooches, or hand crocheted hairclips, and some teabags in pretty envelopes using another free printable!

As well as more goodies including a nail file, a crocheted mug cosy (not handmade unfortunately) and some pretty chopsticks!

I also made some little flags for the party food...

And a happy birthday bunting banner made from another free printable...

I made some jelly and some angel delight, giving us a yummy spread...

But the piece de resistance (if I do say so myself) was my vanilla rainbow cake!

I used my classic victoria sponge recipe and added food colouring, then sandwiched them together with cream cheese icing!

From the outside the colours looked a bit dull, but once you cut inside... looked AWESOME! 

And it tasted great too!

I had a fantastic day! It was so much fun! We made cocktails and played Just Dance 3 in our onesies! It was so lovely to have so many of my friends in the same place! I don't get to see them all enough! And as you saw they all treated me to some amazing gifts!

Then on Sunday, after seeing off those lovely friends who stayed the night, we headed off for another afternoon tea! Yes another one! This one was a Christmas gift from the fiance's mum which we just happened to book around my birthday...

And after all that excess, it was back to work on Monday! Feeling rather worse for wear, but very very happy!

Thank you to EVERYONE who made my birthday so special this year! You all know who you are! You guys are the best!

Love Jewel xXx

p.s. normal non-birthday service will now resume


  1. Such a fab party! Love all your bakes especially the rainbow cake - you're right it looks totally awesome! Glad you had such a fun time x

  2. Awww what a lovely birthday party you had! the decorations look amazing! the food look totally mouth watering especially your rainbow cake and I love what you put in party bags! so happy that you had a blast with your friends!

    xx susan

  3. What a cute array of delicious goodies! Love the rainbow cake too! Bet it was a sure fire hit with your friends.


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