The Weekend...

Hey Everyone...

How is your week going? Tonight, I finally get to relax! I have a night where I have nothing planned which seems to be a very rare thing at the moment. Although I promise I am not complaining, the things keeping me busy are mostly lovely, such as seeing The Fiance play a fantastic gig last night (which I will blog about soon).

So with my night off I can catch you up on my weekend! Last Friday was my Mum's birthday, so on Saturday she came to visit us! I made her a handmade card, using the beautiful stamps I received for my birthday...

It coordinates with the Mother's Day card I made her too! 

We went to IKEA to do a spot of shopping! I bought some new wall lamps for the lounge, some cushion inners for some new projects, and some gorgeous little bulbs for the house and garden! 

Also this weekend, one of my lovely bridesmaids moved into her first own flat with her boyfriend! So exciting! I sent her this card to congratulate her! I hope she's already received it!  

I managed to squeeze in some gardening as it was such a lovely day! Here is the gorgeous tea cup planter/wind chime my lovely maid of honour Emma bought me for my birthday! 

I have planted it up with a little narcissus from IKEA and hung it on our pear tree in the garden! It makes me smile everytime I look through the kitchen window!

And the sunshine meant it was time to get out the garden table and chairs! I used the other gorgeous plant pot Emma bought me for another bulb from IKEA - this time a pretty pink hyacinth - or at least it will be!

And I checked on my lovely old rose bush! It's now two years old in my care and is sprouting lots of lovely leaves - I can't wait for it to blossom!

I emptied out my other pots that were growing wild and planted some seeds - I also finally dug up a load of rubble that had been dumped in the garden before we moved it and was overgrown and partially hidden! It took me a long time and was hard work (lots of rubble, sand and old bags) but now it looks so much better! Now I just need to cover the lawn with some grass seed!

Then after all that it was off out in the evening to celebrate one of The Fiance's friends birthday! After a very long drive, we arrived at Westfield Stratford! I had never been before and only seen the Olympic park from the A12, but boy was it hard to find! It wasn't sign posted at all, and was hugely confusing! I really hope they improve the signage by the time the games begin!

The shopping centre was bigger and better than the West London one, and absolutely packed even at 8.30pm! We went for dinner and bowling at the All Star alley and I enjoyed my first proper meal in two weeks, having been on my detox!

Yummy Chocolate Milkshake

Veggie Burger & Sweet Potato Fries

And there was no rest for the wicked, despite the loss of an hours sleep! On Sunday it was off to pick up our niece's and take them to the Natural History Museum...

We all had a fantastic time - especially in the learning zone where the girls got to watch a puppet show and even join in as some of the characters! Afterwards they were able to look at and explore real specimens of all sorts of plants and animals and be real scientists!

We bought them both a magnifying glass so they could continue being scientists at home!

So now you know why I am tired out! But it was a lovely weekend! I did have plans this weekend, but they have all been cancelled, which has turned out to be quite nice as hopefully the fiance and I will be able to relax and spend some quality time together - hopefully in some sunshine!

Love Jewel xXx


  1. Busy, busy, busy. There just seems to be so much going on at the moment, everyone has so much planned. You have gotta love this time of year for that.
    x x x x

  2. Great fun! I love being busy but it is nice to have an evening of doing nothing...bliss!!

  3. Sounds like a busy (but fun) weekend. The cards you made are lovely..I always think it is nice to receive a card someone has made themselves.
    It looks like your garden is coming along, I like the teacup chime/planter.
    Here is hoping for another sunny weekend..enjoy the sunshine :)


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