Birthday Gifts (Part Two)...

Hey Everyone...

Can you believe that even after being so spoilt with a magical trip to The Ritz, that I have more gifts to show you all!?

I was really spoilt this year! I'm not sure if it's because of the leap year and having an actual birthday, or just that I have some fantastic friends (I know it's the latter) but I was given some beautiful things this year, full of thought and love!

Firstly the fiance not only took me for afternoon tea but also bought me something beautiful from Tiffany & Co...

The most stunning 'J' initial charm!

We were unsure whether it should be added to my charm bracelet...

Or worn as a beautiful statement necklace!?
(We settled on the necklace!)

His lovely mum treated me to some lovely stamping goodies that I had had my eye on...

And some cute cupcake socks too...

Then I received a surprise parcel in the post! I had thought it was my second swap parcel, but no...

It was some beautiful Royal Albert, Old Country Roses Plates from an old uni friend!

She follows my blog but we haven't seen each other in such a long time!

I was so touched that she thought of me when she saw these and sent them too me for my birthday!

Thank you Holly! You really are too lovely!

We went to visit my mum, went for some lunch and to look around the little shops near where she lives!

This pretty stamp had arrived late for our celebrations on Sunday...

I found this stamping block (for my lovely new stamps) in a new craft shop near my mum's and used some very generous money from the fiance's grandma to purchase it!

I also bought these little buckets from a charity shop!

My sister came along too and gave me this beautiful teapot for one (even though she already bought me that beautiful cotton reel rack!)

Then I spotted this in the charity shop window....

More Royal Albert, Old Country Roses - which my lovely mum treated me to!

As if all that wasn't enough, on Saturday all my friends came to visit to celebrate my birthday with a party (which I will of course blog about soon!)

So I received even more gorgeous gifts!

This stunning glass jar (which came in a pretty box) with the most gorgeous smelling candle instead was from my lovely friend Rachel!

My friend Shona bought me this pretty pink polka dot tea cup candle!

My darling friend Lucy spoilt me with this beautiful flower jug, a pretty teacup frame and a sweet heart sign for my bathroom (I mean powder room!)

One of my oldest friends Jo bought me this stunning mirrored trinket box, full of yummy chocolates!

My friend Adele bought me these fantastic Hummingbird Bakery cards (which I have already put to good use) and a sweet jelly mould!

My amazing friend Jones bought me some gorgeous Cath Kidston stationary and a lovely silver heart necklace!

And my newest friend Holly bought me pink themed lovelies including this fantastic notebook, pretty stickers and ingenious cupcake tool!

And my lovely friend Emma completed the tea theme with a tea cup wind chime and a pretty little plant pot!

And on my birthday I also received a gorgeous handmade card from the lovely Sophie! My first ever blogger card! Thank you so much for thinking of my Sophie! You are fantastic!

Didn't I tell you I was spoilt! Beyond spoilt! I can't believe how lucky I am! And all of my friends made such a lovely effort to come over and celebrate - travelling from here there and everywhere and putting up with my silly games and lots of cake!

I hope they all had a fantastic time, as I certainly did!

I miss them all so much already!

Love Jewel xXx

P.S. I know I have repeated too many adjectives for 'nice' - I need some more!


  1. So many beautiful presents, you have been treated! They are all lovely thoughtful gifts, and the Tiffany silver J is so special and deserves to be worn alone I agree!

  2. What lovely and sweet pressies from your family and friends :) I think the J initial charm looks stunning as a necklace..

  3. Wow, you weren't lying when you said you were spoilt. What beautiful gifts x x x x

  4. Lovely, lovely goodies. I'm glad you had a good day. You deserve it! xx

  5. AWh you really did get some mega gorgeous presents! I actually love every single one of them! Im glad you liked the card! It sounds you had such a good birthday! xxx

  6. Such a lot of gorgeous goodies, you're right, you were totally spoilt.

  7. Juli you did so well. I love all your gifts. I love the teapot for one ( even though I hate tea!) Can`t wait to see what you get up to with the stamping goodies.


  8. Oh happy belated birthday! If you only get one every 4 years you deserve to be thoroughly spoilt!

  9. Wow, super-duper spoilt - you have fab family and friends! Enjoy your goodies x

  10. I too have the initial charm and it was originally intended for my charm bracelet but I prefer wearing it on my necklace!

    Victoria xx

  11. wow! you're spoilt indeed! lucky you! what a beautiful initial charm from your beloved! i love the keep calm and bake cakes notebook and the CK stationery, I also love the stamping goodies and the lovely royal albert plates! lovely lovely gifts you recieved! x susan


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