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I hope you're all having a lovely Monday morning! The sun is shining, so I am smiling!

I still have lots of blog posts to show you all, but I have waited so long for this one that I couldn't wait any longer! Remember when I met up with some lovely fellow bloggers a few weeks ago? (You can read about it here!) Well whilst we were out, we popped into the gorgeous Anthropologie!

I have heard a lot about this shop, and popped into the Birmingham store a couple of times whilst visiting friends, but the London store was just fantastic! It had a wall covered in plants - a living wall (I will add a picture later)

But what I wanted to show you was this beautiful dinner set called Fleur De Lis...

Isn't it just gorgeous!? A long time ago I was given (yes given) a tea cup and saucer at a car boot sale. I didn't realise at the time that it was from Anthropologie, from a very similar range, but instead featured a crown design.

Well I was very good and refrained from buying any of this beautiful set - it was so hard.

But guess what?! On my way into London a week later, I walked past a local charity shop and spotted this little lot in the window....

A set of four of the beautiful cups and saucers! These would have cost £40 in the shop, but I bagged them for a princely sum of just £6 - for the whole lot! Aren't I lucky!?

I was so overjoyed, I swear I skipped down the street! The only problem is - now I want the rest of it! *Ho Hum!*

Love Jewel xXx

P.S. I still have 3 spaces for my CRAFT IT FORWARD 2012 giveaway - please take a look at this post! And join in, I promise I will put lots of effort into your gift!


  1. Oh my god that is amazing, what a find x x x x

  2. That was so lucky - must've been fate! They are gorgeous though, maybe you could put the rest on your Wedding gift list!

    Love all your crafty buys and makes in your post below. Craft fairs are indeed lethal - my mum and I go to the one nearest to us in the Autumn and you could indeed spend a fortune :)

    Enjoy the sunshine x

  3. That is a gorgeous dinner set and how lucky to get the cups and saucers for such a good price!

    Victoria xxx

  4. oh my goodness.... what a fantastic find! How lucky :) x

  5. Wow, that was a bit of good luck! What a fab price! I love the design of the plates/saucers.just so pretty :)

  6. Holy cow! What a bloody excellent thrifty find! I can completely understand you skipping out of the shop!!! It's gorgeous :)

    Jo x


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