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Hey Everyone...

I am all jumbled up with where I am in the week. One minute I think it's Monday, the next I think it's Friday! I think the fact that I am so behind with all my blogging isn't helping!

Today I am blogging about last Saturday! I had already said that I was going for a LUSH facemask workshop in Brent Cross, courtesy of a freebie that comes with Clipper tea!

I was expecting a quick little demonstration, but instead the little group of three of us had a whole facial pamper which took 2 hours altogether!

We started with a mug of clipper green tea...

I wanted to take this pretty mug home with me!

Then the treatment began in earnest! We were treated to...

Face Mask

All using lovely LUSH products, and she even made the face mask right in front of us!

It was very informative, and convinced me to buy a very nice cleanser to help my skin!

The only thing was, I was slightly embarrased to be sat in the middle of Brent Cross with no make up on and a face mask plastered on my face! The fiance walked past at one point and had to do a double take!

But if you manage to get hold of a little pink tag from a promotional pack of Clipper tea (the bigger green tea packs only) then I would thoroughly recommend the experience! It was very relaxing and I got to take home a huge pot of face mask free too!

Now I know you want to see that picture...

Now that's put you off your dinner!

Love Jewel xXx

P.S. This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by LUSH or Clipper Tea! I just had a fab time and wanted to share with you!


  1. What a super treat... I'm going to have to get me some of that green tea if that's what you get with it! I love clipper teas anyway so it won't be a hardship!

    You look cute in your mask BTW

  2. I love lush so this is fabulous! xxx

  3. Sounds like a great time was had, lucky you :) x

  4. awwww i had to giggle reading the part where ur fiance walked past and had to double take hahaha , but glad you had a lovely time and love the mug too!

    xx susan

  5. Wow what a fab freebie! I love LUSH products. Last time I was in LUSH was in Leeds and I said to the girl serving that everyone seemed really happy, she said it was all the essential oil! hehe. I love the Karma range. Fab face mask piccie.


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