Back In Action...

Hey everyone...

Wow that was a long blogging break! I do apologise, it all started because the fiance's laptop broke, but I have been super busy even since it was fixed and not found time to blog! Well I am back on it now!

I have a lot to catch up on, so I hope you don't get bored with this long post. I will try to be short and sweet!

Last Sunday I went to The Capital Car Boot in Pimlico, South London. It's a car boot held half inside a school and half in their playground and had a good range of bits and pieces. I picked up this necklace, which I think would look stylish sewn onto the neckline of a plain dress or top...

Bargain 50p

I also picked up this beautiful fabric - well over a metre and seems to be good quality for only £2...

I plan to make some pretty cushions from it!

Then last Monday the fiance and I had free tickets to see 'The Help' as I bank with Natwest. I saw the promotion on another bloggers lovely blog (sorry I have forgotten who!). It was a fantastic film, I really enjoyed it. It was heartfelt and emotional, but cleverly shot and very entertaining. I would highly recommend it.

Then on Tuesday we went to the lovely Pheonix cinema in East Finchley to see the new Woody Allen film 'Midnight In Paris'. The fiance is a big Woody Allen film and for once I also wanted to see the film. Again it was fantastic, I loved the nostalgia of the film and the way it had been shot and written was very clever. Owen Wilson was fantastic...

I have also been treating myself to some bits and pieces while I've been away. When the fiance's laptop died and he took it into Brent Cross apple, I had a mooch around the John Lewis store. The haberdashery was inspiring, but I resisted the urge to spend lots of money. The Christmas department was stunning, but again I resisted. However, the lovely fiance bought me this little decoration as a treat...

I was so excited I wanted to put the tree up already! Oh I love Christmas. John Lewis' decorations this year have a lovely homemade feel. But that just inspired me to make some myself. I must admit I was very naughty and as I had time to kill, I slipped out my little notebook from my handbag and sketched down a lot of their decorations that I thought I could make myself.

I have a whole bundle of drawings of ideas for decorations, now I just need to buy some fabric and find some time to make them!

I certainly didn't have time this week however! After two nights in a row at the cinema, Thursday and Friday were full on baking days. I had planned an afternoon tea party at my flat for all my friends! This meant I had to stock up on equipment...

Piping bottles - £3

Leaf Cutters
I also bought some little flower cutters! I will blog tomorrow about how the party went and show you all my baking.

After all that baking and making tea, I had a relaxing day at my mum's yesterday. We went for a quick shopping trip as they have opened a BM in her town, and I have heard such good things but never been before. I saw lots of lovely bits, but was trying to be good so didn't buy anything in BM, but I did pick up a couple of other bits...

Perfect sign for when I have a crafting room - or more likely - corner

Pretty CK stylee oven glove - £2

Comfy fluffy slippers (excuse my feet) - £2 primark

Soft and fluffy pretty pink snood - Primark £4
I am wearing my snood right now, and it makes me feel so snuggly and warm I doubt I will take it off this winter!

Oh and my mum picked up this for me...

My something blue for the wedding
I had already seen this and mum admitted it's from poundland, but she is worried I won't get my something blue and I really don't like blue as a colour so thought she'd buy it just in case!

I am sure I have missed lots out but I think I'm all caught up now! I apologise for all the posts I have missed! I did start to try to catch up but boy were there a lot! You will have to comment on here if I have missed something great like a lovely recipe or a fab giveaway.

I also need to catch up with my lovely swap partner for the Christmas Charity Shop Swap and start to plan my parcel! So exciting.

Now I am off to enjoy a cup of tea and some left over baked goodies!

Have a lovely evening!

Jewel x


  1. Just had a look, and there is a Range in Enfield. Never been to that one, but they are all pretty much the same (although I have visited 4 different ones and I do have my favourites!)
    We are going away next week - more on that soon - and I have spied that there is a BM store near the hotel. I have printed off a location map as I have never been to one before but have read many blogs on it!!

  2. Love that necklace - unusual and such a bargain. Welcome back x

  3. Welcome back, you certainly got some great finds during your blog break! Scarlett x

  4. Glad you enjoyed The Help, it was me who blogged about it. We enjoyed it too. B&M is a great shop, we love it and shop there for food too. Home Bargains is another good one.


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