Slice of Saturday Night...

Hey everyone...

I promised, back on Wednesday evening, to blog about the fiance's latest gig which I went to see on Thursday! Well things got on top of me, and other things happened, and I completely forgot to blog about it! I hope I didn't keep you waiting...

The fiance was in the band for an amateur production called 'Slice of Saturday Night' which is a musical production about being a teenager in the 60's! The fiance had played in the band for the same show with a different cast a few years ago and really enjoyed it, and so was looking forward to it again!

It was a great production, even though the irony was slightly lost as the cast really were seventeen! The fiance was fantastic - you can see him above on the far left of the band with his green guitar!

It has meant almost a whole week of evenings without him, which was bittersweet, as it was sometimes nice to get on with sewing and things, but I did miss him!

He really enjoyed it and I hope he does a similar one soon! Right I'm off to try and work through a huge to do list! Have a lovely evening everyone!

Jewel x


  1. Sounds like fun! My mum and dad were 60's teenagers. My mum saw the Beatles and all sorts of famous groups. Well usually just as they were getting famous as otherwise they would not have come to Stoke town hall!


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