September Scavenger Hunt...

Hey Everyone,

I must apologise, firstly for this post being so late, and secondly for the fact that I have missed out 4 of the items:

Football season
Back to school
A public telephone box
A road sign

I didn't want to just google these, so I am going to add them to the October list! Things have just been so busy I kept forgetting to keep my eye out. So here are my remaining pictures...


A view from above

Something taller than me

Harvest - pears from our tree in the garden, used in a crumble

A pile of things - fabrics, newly arrange on my shelf

Apples - and pears made into yummy jam

My soon to be new desk/workspace - with the old one hidden behind

The contents of my bag!

I like the bag photo the best! Very interesting to see what everyone carries around with them! Mine is rather heavy as you can tell, but also rather pretty due to the influence of Cath Kidston (my bag is Cath Kidston too!

I promise to try much harder next month!

Right I'm dashing off to the newly renamed Make, Sew & Craft group at The Emporium Tea Rooms (formerly Big Girl Craft Club). Have a great night everyone!

Jewel x


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