Things To Make Me Smile...

Hey everyone...

I hope you're all having a good week! I must say I can't wait for the weekend, and I have an exciting one ahead, which I can't wait to blog about after too!

Today I just wanted to share a few little things that are making me smile, and keeping me sane through a busy, hectic week at work...

Pretty pink crochet hook - £1 from Tiger

The NEW Primrose Bakery Book - a treat from the fiance

I stumbled across the first Primrose Bakery book at one of those book sellers at work - I have to give it some credit for my love of baking as it pushed me to start baking at home in our new kitchen when we bought our flat! This lovely new book is fantastic - but bigger with many more exciting recipes and I can't wait to try some of them...

Flower cutters - for a special baking session soon

Lots of fantastic library books to inspire me for Christmas and to bake

Handmade brooches completed last night at Make, Sew & Craft for an order!
Make, Sew & Craft (formerly Big Girl Craft Club) also made me smile last night! I realised how much I missed meeting up with some lovely ladies, having a chat and being productive! I finished these two brooches for an order I received from a lovely lady. I also cut some fabric ready to make a Christmas present for my sister (not sure I will be able to show you it as she might read my blog!)

I also did some naughty internet shopping! You might remember I bought this mug for myself with a free £5 voucher from House of Fraser...

Oh and how I love drinking my tea from it! Then I noticed that they were having a 50% off sale and couldn't resist buying two more that I just love...

I'm so excited for them to be delivered! I also had a look on amazon and saw that two things I had been keeping in my basket (you know, just in case!) had both been reduced! I thought it was a sign and so I hit the 'checkout' button and they should be arriving soon! I can't wait to show you them!

Lastly, I had a fantastic email from the lovely Lissylou to tell me that my missing Cupcake Swap parcel has finally arrived in her postbox! I am so relieved and happy that it finally arrived and she can enjoy it!

So I am smiling today!

Right I'm off to go watch the fiance play in the band for a show called 'Slice of Saturday Night', I'll blog all about it tomorrow!

Jewel x


  1. awww gotta love those cute mugs and now you have more! i love the bakery book you got from your fiance, so sweet of him! and the cute brooches as well as the flower cutter, sounds like ur ready to bake! x susan

  2. I'm so pleased that things are finally looking up for you. You ceratinly have plenty of lovely things to make you smile. Maybe this could be the turning point :) xxxx


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