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Hey Everyone....

I hope you've all had a fantastic weekend! Mine has been pretty good. It started a little early, as I had training on Thursday and Friday, and although I was not at home, it was lovely to have a break from work. I love learning, and this 2 day course really made me realise how much I want to go back to studying and soon! Fingers crossed this year I will get onto the PHD and be back studying, at least part time.

I really enjoyed the subject and met some lovely people too. I was very brave (for me) and volunteered to be the guinea pig, meaning I had to share all about my wish to lose weight in front of twenty people. I think I coped very well, that was until the male trainer asked me how much I weighed. This drew gasps from the mostly female group and I flatly refused. Still it was good for my confidence to let out some of my worries in front of so many people.

Then Saturday was a very special day. One of my ex-work colleagues had organised for a group of us to go for afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason. You all should have realised by now that I am slightly obsessed by afternoon tea, and I had heard that Fortnum & Mason was the 'piste de resistance'. I have never been and was so excited.

And I want not let down. Fortnum and Mason was already decorated to the nines in beautiful Christmas decorations and the buzz and atmosphere was contagious. The St.James' Restaurant was elegantly decorated and there was a tinkly piano being played in the background. The tea was fantastic, and we were gobsmaked when our server asked if we wanted a second round of sandwiches... yes it was basically all you can eat!

I was even cheeky enough to ask for boxes for us all to take away the leftovers, as none of us could finish the mammoth amount of pretty delicacies presented to us. We didn't even get to look at the extra cake tray we could have picked more from!

I am now obsessed, it was pure heaven for an afternoon tea lover and I would love to return on any occasion possible. The fiance has suggested we return together, and I think it would be fantastic hen do idea.

Anyway, Let me show you some of the beauty of Fortnum & Mason and their afternoon tea...


Jewel x


  1. Juli this looks delicious. I also love afternoon tea. At the moment I`m sticking to plain veg and a bit of protein in a bid to lose a few pounds so these pics are hard to look at lol!

  2. Good on you for saying you want to lose weight!

    Afternoon tea would be perfect for me but only if they do coffee, can't stand tea. Does'nt quite have the same ring to it, afternoon coffee. Then they say coffee mornings? What if you like tea?

  3. Oh Juli!!! Good for you :) More importantly however.....I'm sooooo envious of your posh Afternoon Tea!!! Oh my goodness I would sooooo love to experience something like that. I've started dropping hints just now to Mr Cupcake after reading this post!! Me, me, I want to have posh tea!!!!!!! Lovely just lovely :)

    Jo x x x

  4. F&M rules!!! My mum loves it there and we're just trying to plan our Christmas trip as is always traditional!!

    Victoria xxx


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