Tea in the garden...

Hey everyone...

I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you lovely people who commented on my blog about the craft fair. It was so lovely to have so many people spur me on and console me after such a disappointing day. All the practical advice was fantastic and the lovely comments about my crafts really bouyed my spirits! You ladies make blogging worthwhile, and I really appreciate you all taking the time to leave me such lovely comments!

Well on Sunday, after such a sad Saturday, I decided to make the most of the last sunny weekend of the year and sit out in our little garden! It has been very badly treated this year. The stupid management company finally decided to check the roof and guttering since all our mould in the flat over the past two years, but decided to leave huge gaps of time (as in weeks and weeks) between visits, leaving huge scaffolding surrounding the building, blocking our windows and taking up our little back garden.

I haven't had a happy summer and with the scaffolding providing a good excuse, I neglected our little garden and mostly left my plants to fend for themselves (except my pretty rose bush) and the furniture to get cobwebby.

But on Sunday, we dusted off our table and chairs, and I took the time to make myself a pot of real leaf tea on my pretty pink tray (that I renovated, you can see about it here) using my Royal Albert China...

This is the first use of my new (old) Royal Albert china! I refuse to never use it, I want to enjoy it. It's likely that it will get broken in our flat (there is reputation for smashing things) but I don't see the point in it hiding away in the cupboard, even though it does look very pretty there...

My tea was accompanied by a leftover piece of rocky road from the craft fair, a much needed sugar fix!

And of course all that sunshine started to chip away at my deep blue mood!

My lovely fiance, also bought me these very pretty carnations to cheer me up, and they sure did, with their pretty bright ruffled edges, and the sweet, wispy white, baby's breath!

So I am looking forward and already searching for new craft fairs! I have found two possibilities, but it would be great to get a real recommendation, so if any of you lovely bloggers out there know any good craft fairs or markets in or around London, I would really appreciate your advice.

I will be feeding my blue mood with some Great British Bake Off goodness this evening! Plus a little more rocky road I think! And of course a lovely cup of tea - in my Royal Albert china again maybe?

Can I tell you a secret? I have started filling in the application form for the Great British Bake Off next year - what an amazing experience that would be! 

Jewel x


  1. It would be lovely to see you on telly, go girl!

  2. Sorry to hear about your disappointing day, however im glad you cheered yourself with tea in the garden - it all looks beautiful! Would be awesome if you got on the brit bake off next year - how exciting :o) Scarlett x

  3. I am so sorry that you didn't have a fruitful day at the fair. But don't give up. I know the feeling as once I started to put some of my makes on Etsy and they didn't really got sold. :( I gave up for personal reasons but you are amazing and super talented and should carry on.
    Oh my, I missed the bake off! Will look at the iplayer. Good luck to you for next year! :)

  4. What a shame about your craft fair, it is so disappointing, i remember well from the past, lots of hard work too.
    Fingers crossed for your next one x
    Ooooh wouldn't it be amazing if you got on the bake off???? exciting!
    thanks for your sweet comment :o)
    love jooles x

  5. Oh wow, best of luck with the application, how exciting it would be to see you on the telly :) xxx


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