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Hey everyone...

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend so far! It certainly feels more like autumn here in London. Still not quite cold enough for the big winter coat yet though!

I had a lovely day today, I was up early to meet two work friends at Alexandra Palace...

This beautiful building is just up the road from where we live, but I have been taking it for granted (see what treasures I had been missing in this post here)...

Look at that beautiful view over London! It really is far more stunning in real life. Well why was I there? To see the fantastic Knitting & Stitching show...

Which was full of beautiful fabrics, lots of lovely wool and much more!

The beautiful organ in the grand hall

Pretty christmas bunting I would love to make!

The stunning stained glass window

Pretty crocheted bunting, with a fabulous backdrop

It was an amazing show, with an almost overwhelming amount of stalls. However, there were quite a few negatives...

The expensive admission price (£14), the lack of ladies loos (considering the clientele are almost exclusively female), the expensive food, the expensive products & the huge amount of people!

It was so unbelievably busy that it was hard to get to the stalls to look, and even if you did you couldn't browse properly due to the bumping and bashing from those around you! Finding space to sit down to eat was tricky, and the inflated prices really put me off buying lots of things!

Unfortunately, I also didn't get much inspiration, again because of how crammed full the place was, I couldn't take many pictures or find space to stop and really look around!

I did however buy a few little bits...

Hand carved wooden printing blocks - £1.50 each

Pretty blue heart bead in silver ring - £1

Safety pin brooches and some heart and 'frame' charms - £4.50 the lot
I could have spent a lot more money, especially on the pretty fabrics, ribbons and buttons, but I was good and resisted. I have found a few new local suppliers to try out, so all in all a lovely day, although I am not sure I would fork out for it again!

Tomorrow I have another lovely day planned, which I can't wait to blog about, and I have part 2 of my ta da! to show you too! 

Jewel x


  1. Hello, looks like a fun day out despite the lack of loos! When I was a lass, (about 400 years ago) my dad used to take us roller skating at Ally Pally. There was a roller skating rink inside and we loved it. I lived at Newington Green then.
    I like your pretty blog.

  2. My mum has gone there on a coach trip today! am waiting for an update tonite - shame I get travel sick on coaches or I would have gone too!



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