Going To The Zoo...

Hey everyone...

Hope you're all having a nice week! Mine has been a bit of a roller coaster, but I am trying not to dwell on it. So instead I thought I would show you all my pictures from my lovely day on Sunday.

The fiance and I went off to meet with one of my work colleagues and her friends to go to London Zoo! We've been before but it's so great we were happy to go back!

First of all though, it was a perfect excuse to pop into Primrose Bakery, which is a very short walk from the zoo. It was lovely and quiet so we sat down with a pot of tea and a latte and a cupcake each!

Look at those yummy cakes in the window!

It's such a small shop, in such a quiet and unassuming road, but soon the shop had a steady stream of customers buying cupcakes or picking up specially ordered cakes! 

But we couldn't stay all day so it was off to the zoo! What did we see at the zoo...

A baby mangabey



Pretty birds

A basilisk

A tortoise

And a turtle, with a weird snout

Another tortoise

A dragon (a komodo one)

A seahorse and a blue starfish


Who thought leaves were food

Humongous butterflies

A sleepy tiger

A toucan

Lots of playing spider monkeys

Who were adorable

Who came very close

A meerkat


But not just any otters

A performing otter...

...Who played with a stone, throwing it in the air, catching it and balancing it on it's arms! Can you see?

And tall giraffes

Who had to straddle very far to eat the grass

What do you like to see at the zoo!?

Jewel x


  1. My favourite to see at the Zoo has to be the big cats! I love photographing then!

  2. I like the monkeys.............maybe it feels like home when I see them - but I could stand and watch them all day!


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