Afternoon Tea...

Hey everyone...

Thank you for welcoming me back to blogging! I have really missed it! So remember all that baking equipment I showed you? Well it was for a special occasion.

A few months ago I decided I wanted to hold and afternoon tea party for all my friends! The fiance designed some pretty invitations and I started planning what I would make. I wanted to use a book I had bought called Pretty Party Cakes by Peggy Porschen to make some really special cakes. It would be my hardest baking challenge yet!

These were the cakes I decided to attempt - so I bought some leaf and flower cutters...

I used pre-bought icing but coloured it myself and made little pink roses, which I have never done before!

Then I made two large vanilla sponges, which I soaked with vanilla sugar syrup over night...

I also decided to make my infamous three tiered carrot cake with cream cheese icing...

I started baking on Thursday evening, making all of the above. On Friday evening I made rose macaroons and chocolate whoopie pies. Then early on Saturday I made scones, sandwiches and iced and filled all of the cakes.

My feet were killing me after standing for 5 hours each evening after work. Then on Saturday my poor cheap hand held mixer gave up the ghost and I had to whisk the cream cheese icing for the carrot cake by hand - giving me horrible blisters.

But finally the afternoon tea was served...

All accompanied by clotted cream, homemade jam and lots of freshly brewed Afternoon leaf tea.

It was a lovely afternoon, despite most of my friends canceling at the the last minute, which really upset me. 

A friend from work and two friends from uni made the effort and it was lovely to spend time with them, as I don't know two of them that well and rarely get to see the third. Thank you! You know who you are and you made my day!

Plus I took the leftovers to work and had rave reviews for the carrot cake.

Now I am all baked out - but this Sunday I am baking some bakewell tarts for another work colleagues leaving do (I may cry) so I need to work out if I can make them without a mixer!

The afternoon tea was also a perfect opportunity to take some more pictures of my baking - which were urgently needed as I.... have just.... applied for the great british bake off!

Yep I finally sent my application (well two actually, the above mentioned colleague wrote me a beautiful version all in rhyme which I also sent) along with lots of pictures of my baking.

So... fingers crossed I get a telephone interview! It would be such an amazing experience! Right stop getting my hopes up.... back soon!

Jewel x


  1. Everything looks so yummy. Good luck for the bakeoff.

  2. Just let me know next time you have carrot cake and I'll be round like a shot! ;-)

    Good luck with the application.

  3. Juli your afternoon tea looks delicious. The little roses are brilliant and the carrot cake is huge!
    Good luck for the bakeoff. I just noticed they are advertising a childrens version on CBBC starting soon.Can I get away with saying my little boy wanted to watch it? hehe

  4. I am so impressed by your tea party. You did really well. Your friends who cried off don't know what they missed! Good luck with The Great British Bake-Off, I'm really jealous, wish I had the bottle to go for it!

  5. That is really impressive!!! Shame on your lightweight friends! I have my fingers crossed for the interview for you.xxxx

  6. WOW your cakes are amazing!!!

    Victoria xx

  7. Wow your cakes look lovely, well done you for applying for the Great British Bake Off - I love that programme !!
    twiggy x


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