Crafting Christmas...

Hey Everyone...

Well I have been waiting to post this blog for a long, long time! I started making Christmas presents for people back in October, and as soon as they were done, I started adding them to this post. Well at last I can show you them!

There are a couple of gifts missing as I forgot to take photographs before I gave them, but I am hoping the lovely recipients might still send me some pictures to post at some point!

For now here is what I made...

Shopping bag for my sister...

With added felt and bead
cherry detail - as her name is Cherry!

Using a pattern from Mollie Makes - rolls up to fit in
a handbag!

Card wallet for my sister's husband!

Using a Mollie Makes pattern!

Purses for my friend Emma
& Fiance's sister Lucy!

Using the same pattern...
Slight variations in pretty ribbon & buttons!

But with an added 'made with love' label using
beautiful ribbon given to me by my friend Rachel!

Polka dot aprons for my nieces
Evie & Freya!

Using Cath Kidston pattern...

In matching polka dot fabrics!

With little heart shaped pockets!

Mini personalised stockings for my nieces and nephew!

Jewellery roll for my friend Sian

Using Cath Kidston pattern...

With my first ever zip...

Little pockets...

And a ring holder

Glasses case for my mum!

A little big - but takes up less space in her bag!

A padded kindle cover for the Fiance's mum!

With rigid sides and elastic to hold it tight for reading!

Polka dot notebook covers for my friend Marian

With matching linen hearts...

Using my own devised pattern...

And reusable!

Gingerbread cookies for the 'men'
Decorated with my first attempt at piping royal icing!

For my friend Rachel, I used some lovely Cath Kidston style fabric to make a simple cushion and for my friend Lucy I made a string of heart shaped bunting using strips of red fabric! 

I also gave many of my friends and family some of my homemade Christmas decorations, or heart felt brooches!

Everyone seemed to love their presents, I really hope so. I know my friends and family will appreciate the time and love put into handmade presents, and hopefully feel a bit more special for it!

I am already planning my ideas for next Christmas (can you believe it?) which I think may follow a 'hamper' theme! But enough said!

Jewel xxx


  1. Fab post. My sister in law made all her presents this year. The smaller boys had super hero capes with their initial on the back for the logo, my son also had a home made hobby horse with a fab fabric head and broom handle body, my youngest had a playmat that rolls away with roads and houses a duck pond all made out of scraps then it has 6 little pockets and 6 fabric cars and vans, my mum had a shawl from alpacha only my sis in law discovered she was allergic while knitting it. She finished it though. The neices had hats and scarves crocheted, and the brothers and sisters, (myself and hubby included), had hampers but with a twist. We had a home crocheted bag filled with home made goodies, rich chocolates, cranberry fudge, biscotti, chutney and crystilised ginger. She spent hours working on them while my brother took their children out and about to give her the time. It was a great Xmas.
    Look forward to seeing your plans for next year.

  2. Wow you have been busy!! What lucky family & friends to receive such lovely handmade gifts that have obviously been made with a lot of love!

    Jo x

  3. What lovely gifts. I am in the middle of making a kindle cover for my mum, how funny hey. I love making gifts for people and I am too thinking about gifts for this year, so much nicer that shop bought gifts much more personal and individual I think x x x x

  4. Lovely Gifts for your family and friends, they're all adorable! love all the CK pattern and other fabrics you use, nothing beat handmade gifts, they're special and i'm sure they love your gifts!

    x susan

  5. Such lovely handmade gifts, I love the 'Cherry' shopping bag. I made a few handmade gifts this year but want to make a lot more this year so need to get organized

  6. Juli your handmade gifts are gorgeous. The jewellery roll is fab! You are so clever. I plan to do a lot more sewing this year.

  7. Wow you were very busy - but what lovely should be very proud and I am sure that everyone would have been more than happy with their presents - I would have been!!


  8. Oh my goodness, what lovely gifts! Such lucky family and friends you have :)

  9. Lovely gifts!! I really love the jewellery roll..gorgeous!

    Gemma x

  10. followed u via the cornflower blue crochet heart what amazing things you have made...your friends and family must be thrilled. delightful :)


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