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Hey Everyone...

Thank you again for all the lovely comments on my last post! You have all been so kind leaving me wonderful messages! I really do appreciate them! It's so nice to be getting excited about the wedding, and thank you for all your good wishes!

Well I am all caught up on my adventures, I can take it easy with my blogging. Tonight I just have a few pretty little things to show you!

Today was my first day of work in my second location, Buckingham Gate in central London. My first time doing the commute went well! 30 minute walk, followed my 30 minute tube and 10 minute walk at the other end. And the 10 minute walk is through the lovely Green Park...

The sky over green park!

The walk back this evening was pretty tiring though and my feet and back ache now! But I am sure I will get used to it soon enough! The people there are lovely, and I think the work will be really fascinating and great experience, I am so excited I can't wait to get stuck in! I also love being in central London, walking past the palace, and being in the hubbub of the city is such a nice experience! Although the proximity of shops may turn out badly on my bank balance.

I wanted to show you this lovely picture too...

I blogged about the Christmas presents I had made this year - here, but had forgotten to take a picture before giving this heart bunting to my friend Lucy. The hearts are made from strips of fabric sewn onto card! It's a technique I took from Mollie Makes and I think it's perfect for using up small pieces of fabric that you love! Luckily Lucy must like it too as she has hung it across her bed!

I have also been a lucky girl recently and had some lovely bunches of flowers from the fiance! 

Pretty pink roses and stunning vintage cream and pink roses - which I have displayed in one of the glass bottles I am collecting for the wedding *hint*

Also remember that little plant I bought from Fortnum & Mason last Friday - here - well look at it now!

It has grown so much and started to bloom, which along with my lovely roses, and new job, and the wedding is putting a huge smile on my face! I don't think I have been this happy for a long long time!

Love Jewel x


  1. About time that things started looking up for you, I'm pleased that you are happy with life and let's just hope it continues :) x x x x x

  2. Hi Jewel,

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog! The sun getting up over Greenpark looks beautiful. I always start at seven when it's still dark.

    So exciting to get married. Only four more months to go. The flowers your fiancée gave you look lovely!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  3. Congratulations on your exciting!
    and i love that little heart bunting
    enjoy your planning :o)
    love jooles x


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