Raindrops On Roses & Whiskers On Kittens...

... Here are a few of my favourite things...

Hey Everyone...

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend! Mine has been fairly relaxed which has been lovely! I got some chores and errands done, which is nice to tick off my list!

I have also been very naughty and broken one of my resolutions (which you can read here) and have bought myself some lovely things! I just couldn't resist and none of them were particular expensive! But they do add up! Oh well I will console myself with their prettiness!

Four Little Cake Forks All In A Row!

Ooooo this picture makes me want to squeal! I have been trying to find vintage cake forks for ages! I have such a lovely collection of china and always serve cake, but have never had any cake forks to eat them with! In the end I found these (non-vintage) pretty little things in a local homeware shop! Eeeeek!

Then today we made a trip to IKEA and I treated myself to these beauties...

Beautiful Rosali & Stripey Fabrics!
I CANNOT wait to use these beautiful fabrics for something! It will have to be a special project - all for myself - as I love them just too much to give away! Any suggestions!?

Buying these fabrics and seeing their awesomeness made me need to organise my fabrics a la Sew Ray Me who inspired me to pile them all up neatly on display!

Such A Pretty Pile
Whilst in IKEA I also picked up these lovely Christmas themed cupcake cases - they were reduced to 99p so I will stash them away until next year!

Although I am still looking for a lovely glass jar to use inspiration from the lovely Gem to show off all my lovely cupcake cases! No luck so far!

Perfect For Teeny Tiny Cupcakes!
I have also taken inspiration from another lovely Gem who used little jars for storing little baking bits! Although in my case I have raided my collection of jars to organise all my buttons - colour coded - into pretty little jars!

You might have noticed above that they have taken their place next to the pretty pile of fabrics - oooo it almost looks like and actual sewing area, which makes me smile - alot!

The movement of fabric meant that I needed a new place for all my lovely wool. So when I saw this pretty basket when I popped to TIGER today I had to get it! 

Doesn't it look so homely, filled with wool! This is also next to my basket of fabric scraps and the buttons in jars, and the pile of pretty fabric! Oh it looks so lovely!

Whilst in TIGER I also happened upon this beaut! It's a huge wooden peg!

 A Steal At Only £1

I plan to use the Cath Kidston wallpaper samples I got a long time ago, to cover it and then use it to hold our post on a door or wall! I will show you all when it is done!

Lastly, I have some lovely blooms which have really been brightening my days! 

Remember that little plant I bought from Fortnum & Mason? (here) Well just look at it now!

And on Thursday, my lovely work colleague from my old job came round for dinner and brought me these beautiful roses! 

My Favourite! Pretty Pink Rosies!

And these sweet little bulbs have also been blooming! I found them looking forlorn on a little shelf in Tesco (reduced to only £1.55) and had to bring them home to care for them. And they are thriving!

*Phew* That felt like a long post!

But full of beauty and prettiness and cheer! 

Just what I needed before another long week!

Happy Weekend!

Love Jewel x


  1. I cannot get over that fabric you have bought, I made a footstool yesterday which I will be blogging about and covered it in that very rose fabric from Ikea ha ha 2 good minds and all that ;)
    Keep looking out for that jar, it makes me smile very time I walk past it full of pretty cases, if I see one anywhere I will pick one up for you.
    May have been a long post today but what a lovely one it was and full of beautiful things :) x x x x

  2. hiya check out asda for glass jars picked up a lovely one to do sand blasting on the other week was only 2.50 if i remember rightly. it was a big asda though some dont have them!

  3. Oh I'm so envious of your cake forks... I have to eat cake with a fork but being left handed the vintage style are no good for me!

    Victoria xx

  4. You did well with your spending, so don't feel guilty.

  5. Ooh I LOVED this post!!...all my fave things...organising, buttons, CK fabrics and baskets of scrummy wool.... Wonderful :-D (your photo's are lovely!!) Can't wait to see what you make with that fabric.

    In response to your comment on my recent post... I would definitely recommend Cath Kidston's book Patch! I am loving making the cover project/free kit and the book itself is just absolute eye candy (+ the other patterns in the book look fab too).

    Glad to hear u enjoyed your weekend,
    Louise xx

  6. Beautiful fabric, I really love the stripy one! Funny, I bought a huge peg too a while back with plans to make it in to a handy helper. I haven't got very far, it is painted a lovely soft green though :) Can't wait to see what yours turns into x

  7. Love your Ikea finds and the total pile... yumm! Your wool stash looks nice too.

    Nice to know we are both psychologists ;)

    Have a wonderful new week!

    Love, Maaike

  8. I adore all of the things you bought in Ikea! those fabrics are just lovely! loving the wool basket, the bulbs wooden container too! it's always on my list to get organized but just havent got a chance to do it! love the christmas cupcake cases too! what a great idea to use the jars for storage!

    have a lovely week!

    x susan

  9. Ooh, I love that red/white CK fabric you got from IKEA! I've been seeing it a lot lately on Twitter, I'm becoming very jealous!

    I've also started to put my button collections into cute little jars, but don't seem to get through jam quick enough for my liking!


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