What Wonderful Christmas Presents...

Hey Everyone...

I feel silly to still be blogging about Christmas still, but I want to show you all my lovely gifts that I received for Christmas!

I was really spoilt this year, and got some beautiful gifts! 

Beautiful glass cake stand from my parents

Gorgeous Royal Albert Old Country Roses
Teapot from The Fiance to add to my collection!
The fiance also made me a fantastic book - full of all my blogs from the last year! He personally chose all the blogs to include and organised the layout and had it printed in a hardback book! It is such a beautiful present and a wonderful way for me to look back over my first ever year of blogging - he is so thoughtful!

My Book!

Complete with blurb!

And all my blogs with pictures!

Lovely sewing bits including some CK from the fiance's

Gorgeous CK inspired quilt from my parents!

The biggest box of LUSH imaginable from the fiance's

Perfect Fortnum & Mason hamper from the fiance's mum!
I have wanted one of the hamper baskets for ages!

Lovely new mixer from my parents!

CK pin book from my brother!

CK knitting book from my parents!

Baking Made Easy book from my parents!

Scrummy biscuits & macaroons book from my brother!

Benefit California Kissin' Lipgloss from my parents!

Pretty floral PJ's and fluffy socks from my friend Lucy!

And then I bought a few bits and pieces in the sales...

The fiance used his HMV voucher to treat me to my
favourite Disney film on DVD

And the fiance also was lovely enough to give me some money
towards a brand new CK bag - which I NEED for my new job
of course!

And I used a new look voucher to treat myself to this
stylish shirt for work!

What a lucky girl I am! There were lots of other little presents including well needed tights, supplies for my car, make-up and pampering bits and bobs and bottles of wine!

The fiance's family really spoilt me and bought me some lovely thoughtful gifts! My parents, as always, spoilt me far too much and made me feel really special! And my friends bought me some lovely gifts too - they really do know me well!

Now I must be thankful for all my lovely gifts, and focus on putting them to good use to be thrifty throughout January and try not to spend any money!

But I have lots to keep me smiling and if ever I want to go shopping I can just look back at this post and see what lovely things I already have!

Jewel xxx

P.S. Please take a look at my previous post about my first ever swap - The January Re-Gifting swap and join in, it would be great if you all took part! x


  1. Wow, what fab presents, you certainly have been spoilt. I love the F&M hamper and the book about the blog, absolutely fantastic, I want one. And the cake stand *sigh* Well all of it is beautiful x x x x

  2. Drooling at your xmas pressies!! how sweet your fiance to make you a compilation blog book, I want too! hahaha ooh those CK things and especially the bag, you are indeed very lucky!!!

    x susan

  3. I love the book. What a wonderful gift, I would of been in tears !! Happy New Year lovely xx

  4. Beautiful gifts Juli. I was also very lucky this year and got treated loads. I love your F&M hamper! I`ve just ordered a CK across the body bag in the same print as I plan to do a lot of walking with T in the buggy and this will make things easier. Love the tea pot too.

  5. You must have been a very good girl last year! lol!

  6. WOW didn't you do well, so many lovely presents you lucky thing!

    Victoria xxx


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