Saying Goodbye To Springwell & Pastures New...

Hey Everyone...

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Sorry I didn't get a chance to blog, it all kind of ran away from me! I did some exciting things yesterday but I will blog about them tomorrow as they deserve their own post!

As for today, well it was a very important day! I started a new job! But first I had to say goodbye to my old one. My last working day was the Friday before Christmas, but as it happened oh so suddenly I didn't feel like I really got to say goodbye properly. So last week whilst I was off work, I decided to bake them all a cake and make the present before taking it in to them!

I baked my now slightly famous Carrot Cake - three layers covered in cream cheese icing! I made this for them before and they liked it so much I thought I would make it again...

Apparently it was all gone before the working day had ended! Despite being huge!

I also made them a special present! One of the frames that I make for my craft stalls but with the saying 'Springwell Has Spirit'! I hope they will be able to hang it somewhere where patients and visitors can see it, so they know what an amazing team they are entering! They really are such lovely people!

When I went to drop them off last Wednesday they greeted me with smiles and hugs, and said how much they missed me! It's so lovely to have people to work with who really make you feel like part of a family!

It still didn't really feel like goodbye! It felt like I should sit down and start working!


I started my new job as an assistant psychologist in North London Forensic Services! Despite it being a slow day of introductions and familiarising I am full of energy and ethusiasm! I think this job is going to be fantastic experience!

I have an office and desk again and I will be assessing, planning treatment, and treating patients, plus doing research when I am in central London. Such a broad range of roles, with a large team of psychologists (I am used to being the only assistant, now there are 4 of us) and lots of opportunities to really use my psychology skills!

I can't wait to really get stuck in and start working with the patients, and also start my work at Buckingham Gate! Such an exciting time! I just need to knuckle down and work hard!

And to finish another little thing that is making me smile! During my time off last week I used a lovely tutorial from Cornflower Blue to teach myself to crochet little hearts! Here is my first ever crochet heart...

I am in LOVE!

I think I may become addicted to these! A little heart garland for my bed I think!

Jewel x

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  1. The cake looks amazing, no wonder it disappeared so quickly!

    Good luck in your new post, it sounds fabulously interesting you lucky thing!

  2. Sorry I can't really join in the swap january is the busiest time of year in my day job ;)

    Talking of jobs yours sounds very exciting, well done you! I suspect 2012 is going to be a great year.

  3. Hi, your new job sounds great - well done! Your gifts to your last workplace were lovely. Scarlett x

  4. Good luck with the new job, exciting times !
    Twiggy x

  5. Oh my that cake looks amazing!

    Victoria xx

  6. Good luck with your new job, hope you enjoy it :) your crochet heart is so cute!!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. Sounds great. Love that heart, you may just have t teach me to crochet my lovely, it is one of my resolutions to learn this year eeek x x x x

  8. good luck with the new job, it sounds great. x

  9. The very best of luck in your new sounds very exciting! That carrot cakes looks so good :) The heart garland sounds like a lovely take a photo of it when it is done.

  10. Im sure that it wont be long before you are just as settled in your new job!! All the best with it!


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