New Years Eve & Some Resolutions...

Hey Everyone...

This is the last of my catch up posts I promise! Feels good to be back on track! I wanted to tell you all about our New Years Eve this year! Over past years we have either gone to see the fireworks in London or gone for a night out, which has always meant a mammoth mission to get home on the underground! This time we just didn't have the energy for all that, and I found a last minute deal to stay over for the night at a hotel, with dinner and dancing on New Years Eve and breakfast in the morning plus the hotel had a swimming pool. So we snapped it up!

So we spent New Years Eve at Horsley Park Hotel in Surrey. Unfortunately our deal only included a stay in the modern 'management centre'. But when we went to check in there was slight chaos and we were checked into a room that hadn't yet been cleaned and was in a state. When I went back to complain, I overheard the receptionist booking a couple into the 'Towers' as they had confused their booking and double booked them.

I seized my chance and asked, due to the inconvenience of our room being dirty, whether we too could be booked into the beautiful 'Towers'. After a little bit of pushing - but nothing rude - we were upgraded and got to stay here...

The Towers

Our room was much larger with a beautiful view over the old building!

When I booked the hotel I had seen images of the Towers (they cleverly don't post images of the modern management centre online) and was rather disappointed when I found out we weren't staying there! But in the end we did! It really made my weekend!

Horsley Towers

We went for our buffet dinner (which was nice, but the veggie option left much to be desired) and having already drunk a bottle of sparkling rose between us, went back to the room to relax before the big event. Unfortunately, I felt unwell and ended up falling asleep. The fiance woke me up about 15 minutes before midnight and we celebrated the new year before going back to bed. Thing is, we both much preferred this than going back over to the management centre to celebrate with strangers!

It was a lovely relaxing New Years Eve! The next morning we were up early to take advantage of the swimming pool and breakfast, which were both fantastic, before driving back home! A lovely weekend to see in the New Year!

So there it is! 2011 over!

I must admit I am slightly glad to see the back of it! It was a great year in many ways, but the negatives just seem to outweigh the positives.

At the beginning of the year I was being made redundant and desperately searching for a new job!
I found a new job, but found the change difficult to settle into at first.
Money was often tight.
I finally got an interview for the clinical PHD but failed miserably.
I looked for new jobs as I just didn't feel happy, and often got very close, but was never chosen.
My confidence took a knock and I felt stuck in a rut.

However, I did start sewing, and a little crochet!
I got into crafting in a big way and starting selling at craft fairs, attending 3 by the end of year and making a great profit at the last one!

And I also secured a new job, in a fantastic new role which will hopefully be challenging but extremely interesting! - More on this when I start on Monday!

So time for some new years resolutions! 

I know most people don't like these, and I often think of some but don't really stick to them! Well this year I only have one main new years resolution which is extremely important to me... The dreaded one that everyone hates, everyone says and most people give up on! But I have to be strong...

My New Years Resolution is...

To lose weight!

Yes I said it! Which now means it is real and I have to stick to it! There is a weight on my shoulders (oh what a bad pun - I didn't mean to do that!). 

I am getting married THIS YEAR (wow it feels good to say that) but that means I can no longer procrastinate! I need to lose weight, for my own happiness! Over Christmas I put on just under a stone, which horrifies me and makes me want to hide away and cry!

But I have lost a lot of weight in the past, so I know it is possible, with hard work and determination! I started on Monday, and so far I have already lost 4lbs! 

I want to clarify now that I am not DIETING! This does not work! I am changing my eating habits, reducing my intake and drinking and exercising more. This is a lifestyle change.

I will be swimming once a week, and hopefully doing at least one more formal exercise session a week (I need to decide what this will be!). I will also have my wii fit and new wii zumba game to help me.

My biggest downfall has always been weekends, so today and tomorrow will be my first big test! But I know I can do it, especially with your support! I know you ladies are such lovely people who have been there for me over the last year, I hope you will be there for me now!

I want to feel comfortable and confident at my wedding! This is my main goal, so I have just over four months to lose quite a considerable amount of weight! I hope you will wish me luck!


I have a few other general goals for this year too!

- Get onto the clinical PHD
(This is partly out of my hands for now - but we'll see!)

- Be happier!
(Sounds simple, but I need to take more time to do the things I love, relax and enjoy life!)

- Spend more wisely!
(This may be difficult in the run up to the wedding, but I need to feel more secure with my finances!)

And that's it! I don't want to put TOO much pressure on myself! 

Wish me luck! And I hope you all have a very prosperous, happy, healthy new year!

Love Jewel x


  1. Good luck with your goals Juli. I recently got a Wii with Wii fit plus and zumba game and think its brilliant and have been on it most days. I also use My Fitness Pal to record exercise and food intake on line. I`d like to get 2 stone off for the Spring. Hope you manage to get on your PHD course.

  2. Go for it! Lifelong changes, its the only way to do it. Thats how I've kept it off, I changed the way I thought about food, I changed what I ate. Good luck.

  3. Lots of goals........dont put too much pressure on yourself - particularly during this special year. The most important thing for 2012 is marrying your lovely fiance.

    But good luck with any you pursue, and a very Happy New Year to you.

  4. Great resolutions and I must say I am with you on all of them, except for the PHD one obviosuly :) x x x x

  5. Hello there all the way from Yorkshire. Came across your blog via another - I think I joined the challenge you also did. Any way enough rambling - I follow Slimming World and lost 2 stone - my favourite meals are vegetarian and I am cutting down on meat this year. Hope the new job goes well. Lovely to meet you.
    Denise x

  6. what a lovely new year's eve in the Towers despite you're feeling unwell and you two look lovely! Congrats on your losing 4lbs already! we have the same resolution and i do hope i can lose weight too! I hope all the best for you in 2012!

    x susan


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