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Hey Everyone...

I hope all your weeks have got off to a good start!? I am very tired this week, I think my blogging might be lacking a little. So I wanted to give you a little task to help me with this week!

The end of February means time for a birthday celebration! This year is especially important, can you guess why?

It's a leap year! So I will be six years old! Yep I'm not crazy promise! I was born on a leap year!

So for my 6th birthday I have decided to have a thrifty children's pyjama party (with an adult twist). I need your help to think of lots of fun and games to have to last us all evening!

Here are my ideas so far:

  • Pass The Parcel
  • Musical Bumps
  • Party Bags
And classic food such as jelly and ice cream and party rings! 

But I would really love to make this party fantastic! I know you girls have a wealth of crafty knowledge and blog knowledge, so any suggestions of relevant blogs - particularly ones with free tutorials or printables for parties! Especially if they have a bit of a pink theme!

Also any ideas for activities and games (remember an adult twist! Alcohol needs to be involved at some point) would be great!

So ladies - do you accept my challenge?

Love Jewel xxx

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  1. my favourite games as a kid were fluffy bunnies (putting marshmallows in your mouth and saying fluffy bunnies...the person who can get the most in their mouth and say it wins...i reckon 9 is a good amount!!! but no chewing!!) my other favourite game was to tie strawberry bootlaces together and in pairs with your hands behind your backs you have to eat into the middle till your kissing haha!! for an activity my mum used to buy cheap cheese and tomato pizzas and then we would create our own pizzas by adding our favourite toppings!!!

  2. That is such a fun idea, we did an adult sleepover for my SIL's birthday a few years ago... of course we got the wii out but also did pass the parcel etc.

    Check out Martha Stewart Living, she always has various ideas... as for games look at Taboo (great fun - I'll tell you a story about our Boxing Day game of it!), Jenga and of course Twister!!!

    What about pin the "something" on someone ;o)

    Victoria xx

  3. Sounds like loads of fun - have you looked on Pinterest? There are SO many party ideas on there. I can send you an invite if you need one.

  4. Oh my! I would have to agree with Lakota, check out Pinterest for ideas, i do! lots of fun and printables sources there!! it sounds like a lot of fun to have a pyjama's party!!

    xx susan

  5. Oh I do hope you come up with some great ideas. The Pyjama Party sounds like lots of fun.
    My son was born in a leap year, but made it here the day before. He would only be 5 years old this year...LOL.
    Enjoy your "6th" birthday!!

  6. Sounds fun! Dotcom gift shop has some lovely ladybird book type bunting, very nostalgic.

  7. Awww how cool about you being a leap year baby! Love your party idea :o) Scarlett x

  8. What a fun party theme! I have done a few tutorials on party decor I did for my daughter's last party - pinwheels, paperchains, tissue pom pom flowers etc. They Can be found under my tutorials section. I also have a link to some free ice cream parlour printables that I also used: http://eatdrinkchic.com/post.cfm/diy-ice-cream-parlour-make-your-own-sundaes-buffet-concept-for-wedding-or-party
    My blog is: www.twinklestutustwirls.blogspot.com Hope that helps! x


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