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Hey Everyone...

How are your weeks going so far? Mine has been really good, my second day went just as well (if not better) than my first and I am really excited to get stuck in at work! It is so nice to have an office & desk and to be working in a huge team of other psychologists! Anyway, this blog is not about today, it is about last Friday which was my last day of Christmas annual leave before restarting work yesterday.

I had been off work since the day before Christmas Eve, but the time just seemed to slip away, and I didn't feel like I had made the most of the time, either productively or having fun!

So on Friday I resolved to do both! First of all I tackled the top item on my wedding planning list - to go and get my wedding ring engraved!

I am very lucky to have a beautiful Tiffany engagement ring and we got a Tiffany wedding band to match. So off to Tiffany in Bond Street I went!

Where Dreams Come True!

Last time we came here to buy my wedding band, the staff member who served us was extremely rude and snobby! It almost made me not want to return, but luckily this time it was lovely. As it was so quiet the doorman opened the door for me and the girl who helped me organise the engraving was lovely. I just have to pop back in three weeks time to collect it! Exciting!

Next it was off to Fortnum & Mason to treat myself! I had decided to buy myself some tea as a treat and the fiance offered to buy me lunch (although he was at work).

And Wishes Are Granted!
I spent an hour browsing the store, looking at all the beautiful china! I fell in love with these fantastic tea cups and have added them to our wedding list! They even had my initial on display - a sign I think that I must own one!

J is for Jewel!
Then I stopped for my lovely lunch! Now as I am on a strict diet, I was very good and ordered a delicious fig, feta and sundried tomato salad, with some delicious rosemary bread and a nice big pot of Afternoon tea at the Gallery Restaurant!

Again last time I came here, the service was poor. I came with a big group for afternoon tea and the waiters and waitresses just seemed to abandon us and we had to keep getting up to go and find someone to order from which just isn't what you expect at such a renowned establishment. This time however my waiter was lovely, making banter and helping me feel at ease as I was sat alone.

I took my time enjoying the huge pot of tea in stylish silverware! The waiter tried to conjole me into dessert but I explained that January doesn't allow dessert, so instead he offered me a complimentary chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth! Now that's service!

And I ended up treating myself to more than just tea! I found this lovely little plant and wanted to brighten up the flat, as all my old plants seem to have suffered and died over the winter!

Anya Inspecting My New Purchase!
I also decided to treat the fiance to some of his favourite - Fudge! And when I saw this huge box of mince pies for only £1 I couldn't resists despite knowing I can't have any...

And I treated myself to that tea! I was thinking of buying some afternoon tea, but as I already have some from my lovely Christmas hamper I decided to go for this instead...

...Elderflower green tea! Perfect for my diet! And after asking for a sniff of the tea I was in love! It really smells divine! I had to have a cup as soon as I got home...

In a teacup of course! What else!

So that was my fantastic fabulous relaxed Friday! Such a lovely treat! I wanted to pop into Liberty on the way back, as I have never been and heard such wonderful things, but I didn't have time due to car parking, so I will have to save it for another day!

I did however, on Saturday, finally visit another store I wanted to try! The Range! I was fairly impressed, but the prices weren't as good as I thought, and as it is such a long way from home, I probably won't go again unless I happen to be in the area! 

Although I did pick up two lovely things...

A lovely new pot for my new plant!

A teacup planter for the wedding reception!
Aren't they beautiful! I decided I needed a new plant pot for my new plant straight away, and then I found this which is perfect! And I already have a tea cup planter for the wedding reception but thought it may look a little strange on it's own, so finding another was so great!

Tomorrow I have lots to share about our special Sunday!

Until then why not take a look at the swap I am hosting! It would be fantastic if you took part - here!

Jewel x


  1. Hi Jewel,
    Happy New Year to you!
    A gorgeous post! What a fab day out, you went to all my favoutite places, I love Fortnums, I don't get to London often but always go when I do, a real treat! and Tiffanys, well need we say more! Lucky you,
    Have a great week
    Andrea x

  2. Sounds like you had a perfect day! It's so nice to go for lunch/tea on your own once in a while isn't it xx

  3. awww what a perfect day and it's every girl's dream to go to tiffany's well it certainly mine! hehe glad you had good services this time coz i dont think i want to come again if the service is bad! lovely photos and i love the pot plant and teacup planter you bought! Anya is just too cute!

    x susan

  4. Ohhhh no - thought you would like The Range!! I went in there this morning and saw they had a few new bits that I admired!! Its not really really cheap, but cheaper than lots of individual shops I go in.

  5. You get to go some lovely places. Don't worry, as you get older you find snobby staff amusing not annoying, some people can be so up themselves. I think Tiffanys sounds a wonderful shop, glad you had a better experience.

  6. Sounds like a lovely day Juli.

    Oh I got an e-mail about the cheap theatre tickets for "Crazy for You" interested?


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