A Very Special Sunday...

Hey Everyone...

Thank you for the lovely comments on yesterday's blog! It really was a lovely day, and a rare treat, but I have resolved to do it again next time I have a chance!

Anyway, I kept mentioning that Sunday was a special day, well now I can tell you all about it!

As some of you may know, I am getting married to my lovely fiance in May. Well on Sunday morning we finally posted all of our wedding invitations! Eeeeee!

I am so excited. It has been a long time building up to this! Looking for stationary, getting quotes, deciding on wordings and then getting them designed but deciding to print and decorate them ourselves!

I really love the final design and it was such a fantastic feeling to send them off into the world, it makes the wedding feel really real, and very soon!

Here we are at that special moment...

Now I just have to hope for the RSVPs to come flooding in! My mum was the first to give me her RSVP and I know a friend of mine has received her invitation so now I just have to wait impatiently!

Then the day got even better! After popping to my mum's for lunch, our evening was spent tasting our wedding menu at our venue's restaurant!

We were greeted with champagne and then progressed through three plates full of food for each course! They were all delicious and our decision was hard! We were a bit cheeky and asked for some tweaks, but they have been lovely and agreed to them! So now we have our menu, but I can't let slip just yet in case any guests read my blog - we need some mystery!


The restaurant staff were really helpful and attentive, but they kept bringing us wine! You may think 'what's the problem' but the fiance was driving, and I couldn't drink them all to myself!

First came champagne, then prosecco...

Then white wine and rose with the starters...

And then red wine with the mains...

And they gave us a glass each...

In huge glasses...

And I don't drink red wine! Phew, look at all that alcohol! We felt awful leaving most of it! I only managed to finish our two glasses of champagne! 

But it was such a lovely evening, and just cemented the feeling that the wedding is really happening! I have been planning for so long, it started to feel unreal... but now it definately is!

Love Jewel x


  1. Bet you have tons of butterflies in your tummy, huh? ;)
    Gosh, if that was me I would have left that restaurant absolutely smashed. :D

  2. Im sure the postie will be rushed off his/her feet!

  3. Love all the wine glass pictures, you should have invited me along!

    Got my invite, I'll RSVP soon but you know I'm coming anyway! Can't wait!

    Can't believe I have two weddings and my birthday all in the space of a week, I'm loving it! Also think I have sorted my dress!

  4. Wow look at all that wine! I bet you both are so excited. It`s wonderful being married!


  6. How wonderful... I do love a good wedding!! (Looks like they were trying to get you both totally sloshed, lol.) I cannot wait to see some wedding pics in May.... huge congrats to you both...!!
    ...and thank you very much for your kind words on my post today they are very much appreciated :)

    Hope you have a super week,
    Louise xx

  7. awesome! look at those wines in huge glasses! congrats on sending all the invitations! counting down to your wedding soon!! x susan

  8. Oh my goodness how exciting *insert excited squeal here* Can't wait to hear more about the big day soon :D hehee x x x x x

  9. How exciting. I'd have felt obliged to drink it all and probably ended up under the table!


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