Weekend With The Girls...

Happy New Year Everybody!

Can you believe it is 2012? I certainly can't! This will be a big year for me, but I will blog all about that in time! Firstly I am still catching up on all my missed blogs! I hope you don't mind!

Last year (aka back in December) we had my two nieces to stay the night! It was the first time we had had both girls for a whole weekend so I was a little apprehensive, but we had nothing to worry about!  

This girls were angels and really excited to stay with their Auntie and Uncle in London! It was so lovely to have them!

Firstly we took them to the lovely Emporium Tea Rooms in Muswell Hill (where I go for my fantastic Make, Sew & Craft class!) and they actually ate all their food which very rarely seems to happen!

Here they are...
My gorgeous niece Evie

And my gorgeous niece Freya

Enjoying lunch!

Freya with her Uncle Andrew

Then we took them to Alexandra Palace, to see the view of all of London! We tried to see the deer (or reindeer as my youngest niece Freya kept calling them) but they were asleep. We did however feed the ducks and geese! 

The geese were feeling lively and kept coming very close to us, flapping their wings and making us jump! The girls loved feeding them!

After that it was back to the flat to make pizza with their Uncle Andrew!

After that the girls were knackered and wanted to go to be uncharacteristically early, so stories were read and the girls were tucked in on the sofa. Evie was an angel and slept through, whilst Freya was woken by the noisy cars and couldn't get back to sleep and eventually ended up sharing the bed with Auntie & Uncle. 

The girls were so upset they had to leave the next day, we went to see nana for the day and they thought they would be coming back with us to London instead of back home ready for school on Monday.

But we're planning to take them to London zoo next so they are looking forward to another trip to see us! 

And so I feel a little more confident about being a mummy one day and Uncle Andrew was just fantastic playing with them, I know he'll be a great daddy!

If you didn't know already then now is a perfect time to tell you... I can finally say WE'RE GETTING MARRIED THIS YEAR. I have been waiting a year and a half to finally be able to say that! And that is why 2012 will be a fantastic year! Can't wait!

Love Jewel xxx


  1. Ah Juli what a lovely post, it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and you and Andrew will make great parents I'm sure. "Squeal" you're getting married THIS year yay :D have a great year sweetie x x x x

  2. Just what I was thinking when I saw the pictures, Andrew will be a great dad and husband!

  3. Isn't it fun spending time with nieces and nephews!

    Happy New Year to you and how exciting that you'll be getting married this year!

    Victoria xx


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