A Rocking Night Out...

Hey Everyone...

I hope your new year got off to a great start! Ours was lovely and I will blog all about it soon! But for now another catch up post! 

In the run up to Christmas I like to try and meet up with all my friends and have a real catch up! I already blogged about meeting up with some uni friends here! I also had a special day out with one of my school friends Marian!

She is fantastic at finding bargains and found us some £10 tickets to see the musical 'Rock of Ages' at Shaftesbury Theatre. I was a bit apprehensive at first as I'm not a huge rock fan, but when we sat down and the music started it was fantastic! We had amazing seats and got a free drink each! The show was very good and the acting was fantastic and although it wasn't 'Christmassy' we came out feeling great! 

We also took the opportunity to enjoy a meal and catch up before the show...


And afterwards we tried out 'The Old Dutch House' which Marian had suggested, which had delicious waffles and pancakes! I would recommend it if you are ever near Shaftesbury Avenue!

On our way back to the tube station we passed this very bizarre sign...

Yes, it does say 'YOU ME BUM BUM TRAIN'! We were perplexed but later found out that it is a performance art show with audience participation and apparently very popular! The sign did make us giggle!

Jewel xxx


  1. Nice to catch up, don't do it often enough.

  2. i'm not a rock fan too! but i'm glad you had a great time with your friend, you're both are so pretty! and the sign of YOU ME BUM BUM TRAIN made me giggle too!! x susan


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