Alton Towers

Hey Everyone...

Off sick again today, but back to work tomorrow I think! Thank you for all the lovely messages and comments that you leave, they mean a lot to me and I love taking the time to read them each day! So Thank you!

Last Friday was the 'real' holiday part of our staycation. We drove up to Alton Towers for the day, using our Merlin Annual Passes to get in free! The weather was pretty good, although this meant that the park was pretty busy too! We had to queue for about 40 minutes per ride - which I'm not used to as we usually go when it's raining or in term time. Despite this we had a lovely day!

The longest queue by far was for the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Ride...

Us waiting in the queue

The ride was good, but not worth the hour wait! Even for the glass elevator!

We went on all the big rides (apart from air - my favourite - as annoyingly it was broken) and by the mid afternoon we were worn out.

So we decided to take a walk round the gardens, and a relaxing trip on the skyride to see the lovely views...

Turns out, after all the big rides, I was more interested in seeing the pretty old Alton Towers itself and the pretty gardens...

...I think you can finally call me old lol! 

That night we stayed over in a travelodge in Nottingham, as the next day we had an appointment to go try on bridesmaids dresses...

Jewel x


  1. Hello,
    looked like a fun day two sure do get about don't you! I can't go on rides anymore...they make me nervous!!
    i am not sure how to prevent myself from being a no reply blogger...any ideas?
    it is a nice frame huh!!

  2. We used to go a lot as its near too but I've not been for years. Maybe when the fireworks are on.

  3. Glad you had a great time!

    Victoria xxx


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