Cakey Bakey Time...

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend (yes I know I am a day behind, but I still feel like I am a day behind on everything at the moment).

After my little bit of relaxation on Saturday, Sunday was busy again. 

But nice busy, I spent the day with my mum, going shopping, popping in on a wedding fair and having lunch together - which was lovely.

However, I couldn't laze about all day. I had to quickly head back to make a start on this...

Mmmmm Chocolate

A Brooklyn Blackout Cake a la The Hummingbird Bakery, for a party at work.

Sponge number 1 of 3
Unfortunately, not a happy party! One of the lovely OTs at work is leaving, Friday is her last day, and worst of all, she doesn't want to go, but is on rotation and not allowed to stay!

Chocolate custard filling and topping
So we had a lovely tea party to celebrate yesterday (as most of the team are around on a Monday) full of lovely food made by everyone!

At one point in making this cake, I panicked! After adding cornflower to the custard it went all lumpy. I thought it was ruined and was about to throw it away, but after lots of whisking and adding the butter it finally went smooth...

Sponge 1 & 2 layered together with custard

The finished 3 tier cake!
I also tried some of the custard and was worried it was too bitter...

Topped with some extra cake crumbs!

Luckily when eaten with the cake it was just right, and I had lots of lovely compliments!

Full of sugar and other bad things - but yummy!
Oooo I do love baking! Such satisfaction! Luckily really, as I have some important baking to do later this week in preparation for my first craft fair this Saturday in Highgate North London!

It would be great if you could make it!

Right I'm off to have dinner and relax before Great British Bake Off! 

Jewel x


  1. Your cake looks absolutely yummy!!
    Can I have a little slice? ;)

  2. That cake looks so lush!! I want some for my pudding now!!!

  3. Oh my goodness that cake!!! Yum yum yummy!!!

    Jo x

  4. Wow the cake looks scrum, have been meaning to try that one for a while, so will now have too!!! Good luck for your craft fair, am sure it will all be amazing.
    Nattie x

  5. Oh wow Juli, that looks bloomin fantastic x


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