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Hey Everyone...

Tonight I wanted to tell you about our impromptu trip to Hampstead on Monday night. Unfortunately, the fiance and I have got into a terrible habit of collapsing as soon as we get in from work and barely moving from the sofa. I sit on the laptop and blog and read blogs and soon enough the evening has disappeared.

In fact, my blog-life balance has been pretty off lately. I love reading everybody's blogs but as I follow so many this takes up hours of my evening. This means it's almost become a 'chore' and I lose out on making the most of my evenings. So I am making a resolution to spend a bit less time reading blogs - I'm really sorry this means I might not leave as many comments - which I am sad about, but I need to enjoy the blogs I read and not become disillusioned with the whole thing, as I love blogging. 

I hope you'll all understand! Up until this point I have read every single blog post of the people I follow, and it's just not manageable anymore - I will resolve to leave more comments on those I do read though!

Anyway onto the ponds....

Yes ponds! In Hampstead heath there are swimming ponds, like an outdoor pool, but just normal ponds. Sounds disgusting right! I thought so too, but with the lovely weather last summer, I gave it a try and was an instant convert. It was so refreshing to swim somewhere other than a boring indoor pool!

This year unfortunately the summer has been far less fruitful and we didn't manage a single trip. That was until Monday night! As the sun was shining and the sky was blue, I suggested it to the fiance, as he was so disappointed we hadn't been this year. I refrained from swimming, but read my Mollie Makes magazine and took lots of photographs, before walking up Parliment Hill to see the beautiful view of London...

Can you imagine living on the edge of the heath?

The mixed swimming pond

The fiance getting in the ponds


Can you spot him!?

Obviously enjoying himself!

Then hiding in a 'famous' tree - according to a passer by people leave letters in it!

I was born tomorrow, today I live, yesterday killed me.

The view over London

It was so lovely to do something a bit different, and not just come home and slob out. We have resolved to try and do things like this a bit more often! We want to make the most of living in such an amazing city!

Jewel x


  1. I know what you mean, blogging can take over. I'm much more a reader and commenter but that all takes time. no one would be offended if you cut back. So good on you both for doing something different.

  2. No hun, haven't recieved the parcel. Had been looking for it, as you said you sent it xx

  3. Blogging can be quite time consuming and I know I need regular breaks to re charge, also I find it hard to keep on top of both commenting and blogging. Ah you likey the bags ;) Markets, little independents, and ebay, search *floral bag* ;)) Good luck and let me know if you find one :) xx


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