Sick Days...

Hey Everyone...

This is last of my belated staycation posts! On last Saturday evening I suddenly felt very unwell and by the Sunday morning I had a full blown cold - our plans of walking the length of the Thames through London were shot (although slightly luckily as it poured it down that day and would have been pretty miserable).

More upsettingly our plans for our extra Monday were also ruined. I tried to get up and dressed and force myself out, but I was just too unwell. We were meant to be going to Somerset House, which I have never visited, to see the Toulouse Lautrec exhibition, and then to go to a lovely vegetarian restaurant in soho for dinner (which had already been postponed once!) 

So instead I was holed up on the sofa with my Cupcake Cafe book, which I soon finished, and a yummy cupcake, and a whoopie pie (yes both!) from The Hummingbird Bakery, which the fiance kindly went and fetched for me!

A Yummy Consolation!

I was then off work for the Tuesday and Wednesday as I was still unwell. As someone who is very bad at relaxing and resting I had to do something! I planned lots for the craft fair, writing and rewriting lists. I also did a little light crafting, including adding some lace (from the ikea curtains I mentioned in a previous post) and some ribbon to this display board for the fair...

Once some more ribbon arrived in the post, I finished off these two noticeboards to sell, that I had started earlier in the week when I was well...

I'm hoping people at the craft fair will like them, as they ended up taking a bit of time, what with painting two coats on each!

When I was feeling a little brighter I decided to try out my new candle making kits. I have never made candles before, but bought some lovely little starter kits that made it nice and easy. Soon I had these two beautiful tea cup candles ready to sell at the fair...

Which I've wrapped up - hopefully so they look pretty to sell...

Once I was a bit better and back to work on Thursday, there was no rest in the evenings! I need to make something every evening to be ready for the craft fair on 1st October. First were some more scrabble frames with generic sayings for the fair...

First Kiss

Bride & Groom - I will make the mount smaller!

Bride & Groom - I will make the mount smaller!
There is also 'Love And Marriage' but I need to make the mount before taking a picture of it.

Then I made 5 of these pretty 'heartfelt' brooches - I will make 10 in total, but these five took me most of one evening, and left me with lots of scratches and stab holes in my fingers!

But it was worth it! I really love these! 

I am still, annoyingly, not better. I still have a cold, which is giving me a fuzzy head and making it hard for me to breathe, but for some reason colds always seem to linger with me!

Still no rest for the wicked. I'm off to my mum's today to celebrate my brother's birthday which is tomorrow, and tonight we are heading into London to see the last of the Thames Festival including a fireworks display!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Jewel x


  1. I do love the teacups and how you have presented candles....what not to love?! Hope you are feeling better......
    nattie x

  2. I hope you feel better soon, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  3. Love the scrabble tile art!

    Victoria xx


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