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Hey Everyone...

Well our trip out with my nieces got cancelled at the last minute. Hopefully we can reschedule it soon! But it means I can tell you more about our new projects at Lavender Court (I've decided we need a name to call our little flat on blogland, and as our building is called Lavender Court but I'm not being too specific I will now refer to our home at this).

Well we have a horrible old desk in the corner of our lounge, which is half used for my ancient laptop, have used to store paper, my old laptop in it's case that should be got rid off, scrabble boxes and the fiance's studio equipment (mixers and such). It was useful back when I lived at home with my parents and needed space to work. It moved with us as we needed somewhere for our laptops. 

But now our tastes are maturing, we're fed up of cheap, boxed shaped, laminated furniture, we decided to search for something new (but old)...

Here it is in all it's glory! A lovely old bureau! I had been searching on ebay for a couple of months, but they always ended up selling for too much. I kept my eye out at carboot sales, charity shops, and even popped to our local charity furniture centre in the hopes of finding one. Then last Saturday when the fiance went out to do the weekly shop (while I was stuck inside with my cold) he had to drop off two old chairs we picked up from freecycle and couldn't use, to he aforementioned furniture centre. I had this weird feeling that he might just find a bureau for us!

And I was right! Although he didn't find it there! He found it in a second hand furniture collectors shop on our local parade which we had never even thought to set foot in. He excitedly came back and told me about it, asking me to come check it out! Luckily, as men sometimes don't always think of everything, I did, as one of the brackets was broken and some of the wooden detailing on the side was snapped (which the fiance hadn't noticed). But I needed the fiance there to haggle it down to the princely sum of... £20! What a bargain! 

But remember I mentioned those chairs the fiance dropped at the furniture centre?! Well they were modern dining chairs that a kind freecycler gave us, along with this beauty...

A lovely old wooden carver chair! However, I am not a fan of wicker. So I decided that I was resourceful enough to replace the seat - I have never done anything like this before!

Soon I had cut off all the old wicker - revealing lots of dust! 

Ready for a new seat! 

The fiance - who luckily had bought an electric jigsaw for a important DIY project - cleverly cut out this piece of MDF for the seat.

And soon it shall be covered with some lovely fabric. Which you can see here...

Along with our cat who has taken a strange fascination to our bureau and likes to sit on top of it...

So today has now become a day of sanding and painting! We're only on the sanding part so far! I doubt whether the painting will be finished today, but I will let you know...

I hope you're as excited as me to see the results...

Jewel x


  1. Hello :) Love the new but old furniture. That chair is gorgeous x

  2. I just love the old bureaus!

    Victoria xx

  3. I wish my fiance was as eager as yours to DIY! Quite envious of that fact! You've got lots of pretty fabric you can use to cover your chair, have decided how you're covering it yet? x


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