Retail Therapy...

Hey Everyone...

Well boy was that needed...

This week has been awfully stressful and busy. Mostly with work, but trying to fit in 'after work' activities have tired me out more than I thought. Last night was a gig in London that was very important to the fiance, but I was so dead on my feet that I was literally falling asleep stood in the 'mosh pit'. I had to go and sit at the back, waking up with a start when a song became particularly loud. Home past midnight and up at 9am, but for a good reason...

Today my mum and I went shopping in London looking for some accessories for her outfit for our wedding. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a suitable fascinator (out of season me thinks) but we had a lovely time chatting and shopping! I love a bit of retail therapy! I bought a few bits and pieces that have made me feel all warm and happy...

Knitted Headband from Forever 21

Cameo Earrings from Forever 21

Over The Knee Frilly Socks from Forever 21

Rose Print Tights from M&S (bought for me by my lovely mum!)

Earl & Greenly 'Home Sweet Home' Mug - free from House of Fraser with a voucher!

Such a lovely design!

Dusky Pink Wool for my next project from John Lewis Haberdashery

Buttons from John Lewis Haberdashery for the craft fair

I was so excited to see that a Forever 21 store had opened on Oxford Street. I visited the huge store a while back in Birmingham and have been a fan since. Despite the London store being tiny in comparison, it was full of lovely clothes and accessories, I could have spent a huge amount of money. Instead I limited myself to some lovely knitted goodies for the Autumn days.

I also picked up the lovely mug from House of Fraser after ordering it with a free £5 voucher they emailed me. I had never heard of Earl & Greenly but am now lusting after more of their mugs...

Stitch In Time Mug

Beach Huts Mug

The whole day was lovely (despite having to dodge the rain with a carrier bag on my head! Remember, it always rains in England!) except for when we were browsing in House of Fraser...

I suddenly saw the bridal area, where a bride was trying on a dress. The room was beautiful with big ornate mirrors, and all her family sat around oooing and ahhhhing from lovely vintage style chairs. I suddenly felt very sad and almost started to cry. I had a huge pang of longing for such a lovely moment.

After that I felt really down and out of sorts. Looking in the mirror I suddenly felt old, ugly and blotchy. I even almost fell down the escalator I was so out of sorts. I am not sure what came over me.

Anyway, I was planning on sewing some more bits and pieces for the craft fair this evening, but after a busy day, two glasses of wine (and lots of retyping in writing this post due to said glasses of wine) I am not confident in my hand sewing skills.

So my lovely ladies (& men?) goodnight!

Jewel x


  1. Love those socks. Glad you had a nice time with your mum x

  2. i love forever 21 too! not only they're affordable but their designs are not bad at all! i love those mugs! so cuteeee too bad we dont have house of fraser in my town (boo). sorry to hear that you're feeling down, i too been having the same thing and want to try again to go on a diet, being a year older makes me feel old and ugly and super fat! but i saw your pre wedding photos and you look lovely and not fat at all! love ur blue dress as well! anyways...i'm in a process in trying to sew on my sewing machine, still clueless now :)

    thanks for the birthday wishes and all the best with the craft fair! x susan

  3. Some great retail therapy. I think we all have our frumpy moments, with me tiredness does'nt help. I've always needed plenty of sleep! Hope you're feeling more with it so to speak, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  4. I love your purchases. Cute socks and the mug is gorgeous. You are an attractive girl and certainly don't look old, but I think on shopping trips we sometimes run on adrenaline and the bright lights always make me feel a bit rubbish. Hope you're feeling better. x


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