Taking It Easy...

Hey Everyone...

Well today was supposed to be the dreaded 'back to work' after our staycation. However, over the past three days I have had a horrible cold! Meaning the last two days of our staycation were ruined (big stylee) but also that I wasn't up to going into work today. Therefore, tomorrow shall be the dreaded day.

Anyway, let me tell you about last Thursday, it already feels like a lifetime ago. We took it nice and easy and had a lie in. Then when we were ready we headed to Hampstead Heath for a lovely picnic. I had been hoping we would fit in a picnic one day, but the weather had been against us! Turns out we'd waited for the perfect day! It was beautiful blue skies, and the view over London was stunning...

The fiance setting up

Simple but yummy picnic

Enjoying the sunshine

Then in the evening we had a lovely special dinner planned. Using a voucher from travelzoo, we had a 4 course dinner, with a cocktail each, canapes and an amuse bouche each at Flemings Hotel, Mayfair...

Naughty cocktails

Champagne of course!

We've been to the Flemings a few times before. I went last year with the girls for Afternoon Tea on my birthday and had been with the fiance for cocktails and cupcakes, and afternoon tea before - both using vouchers. It's a lovely hotel, just off piccadilly near the beautiful green park!

It was a lovely day. *Sigh* If only we could do it all again!

I've had a very productive day but I shall blog about it in good time!

Although if you want a sneak peak - take a look at my new facebook page or my folksy (links in the top right!)

Jewel x


  1. sounds like a perfect day! sorry about the cold though, u both look so cute! x susan

  2. hello,
    lovely post and thank you for your kind words.i chuckled when i saw the name of your folksy shop as I am making wedding hair pieces and have called myself preetylittleheads. and then I chuckled again when i saw your scrable pictures (for a good reason)you will see why when i do my wedding post.
    oh i love tea and cake...and cocktails!
    i might be pestering you about your folksy shop if that's ok as i would like to sign up to it and maybe get some advice from you.
    are you on etsy as well?

  3. Looks like a fab day, envious of your picnic and meal, hope you are feeling a bit better today :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!


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