At Last...

Hey Everyone...

At last I can show you that post about that special Sunday a week and a half ago! I can now reveal that we went to Kenwood House to have an engagement photoshoot with our wedding photographer.

I received the photos last night so now I can finally show you them...

These are just a selection of the best. Unfortunately, most of the others, if I'm honest, I hate. The photos themselves are perfect, it's me in them. 

I am extremely unhappy with my weight, have always struggled to lose weight, and am currently still struggling in preparation for the wedding. The bad photos should spur me on to lose weight, but instead have just made me want to give up. 

I am now petrified I will hate all of our wedding photographs. I know it's self-centred and awful, but I just can't help my gut reaction of disgust.

Well that should have been a happy post...

Jewel x


  1. These are gorgeous, you look amazing in all of these, I'm sure the wedding photos will be fine xxx

  2. Oh they're gorgeous! Please don't feel bad about yourself you look gorgeous although I can understand how you feel but rest assured you have nothing to be concerned with,

    Victoria xxx

  3. I understand, I hate about 90% of photos that are taken of me, but I agree with the above comment from Florence you really have nothing to worry about.

  4. The photos are great. I hate pics of me too. I judge myself far too much.
    I've managed to sort out cupcake swap much quicker than i thought - theres just a little more i want to do. But reakon i'll be ready to send in a couple of weeks xx


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