A Fantastic Festival...

Hey Everyone...

Well my renovation projects are almost done! I can't wait to show you them! 

In the meantime I wanted to show you some pictures from an exciting night out we had on Sunday!

We decided on the spur of the moment to attend the mayor's Thames Festival. I had never heard of it until someone at work (who doesn't even live in London) mentioned it. It's a two day festival over the weekend, all along the banks of the river in the city. The banks are filled with market stalls, selling food and crafts. 

There is a whole range of free events and the whole event has a wonderful finale of a night carnival and fireworks on the Thames, by the southbank.

We headed in after a day at my mum's and a quick pitstop at home (which I'll tell you more about at the end) and got there around 8pm.

There was a fantastic carnival atmosphere, with music, chatter, the smell of lovely food and lots of pretty bunting. It was such a fantastic place to be! 

The highlight was the fantastic fireworks display, which was beautiful (if a little late!). Now I'll shush and let the pictures speak for themselves!

View of the Southbank from Hungerford Bridge

View of Victoria Embankment from Hungerford Bridge

View of the London Eye from Hungerford Bridge

View of Royal Festival Hall & The Southbank from Hungerford Bridge

Me on the bridge

Never ending pretty bunting

What an atmosphere!

Examining the crafts

Just looking at the pictures of the fireworks makes me want to ooooh and ahhhh! I can't wait until next year - although someone rightly pointed out that next year's festival will be at the close of the olympics and so probably hugely busy, whereas this year was just right! Next time I hope to make more of the whole weekend and attend some of the free events!

Remember that pitstop home!? In the 2 hours I had between getting back from my mums and going out to London, I rustled up some rosemary and sea salt foccacia! My first ever try!

I had to make it then, so I could take it into work on Monday for a colleague's goodbye lunch! The foccacia went down a storm, despite me thinking it was a little too dense! Still I'm extremely proud for my first ever try!

What did you do this weekend?

Jewel x


  1. Sounds and looks brill! You are so lucky to live so close to London.


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