A Small Plea...

Hey Everyone...

It seems since I announced that I was going to try and create a better life/blog balance, everyone has gone quiet on me! Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I've hardly had any comments recently, which is sad as I love reading them! I hope everyone hasn't given up on me!

Anyway, hoping some people are still reading, I have a small plea to ask of you all! I am desperate to get hold of one of these...

Yep! A copy of issue 4 of Mollie Makes magazine! I took out a subscription - thinking it would start at issue 4, but no it started at 5! I really love these beautiful biscuit treats and wanted to make some. So I am hoping that there is a blogger out there who has already enjoyed this issue and is willing to part with it!

You would make me a very happy lady!

Please pass on the message if you know anyone else who may have a copy!

Love Jewel x


  1. Do you want to do a magazine swap? I've read it and am unlikely to make the felt biccies. I could send you it and you could send me a mag. Give me an email if you are interested. I am a bit far for posting though.
    My comments are low sometimes and then lots another day. I knew what you meant about getting the right balance. You can't read and comment on every blog every day. There are some that comment on mine occasionally,some each post etc. It's all good. Don't worry, chick. Have a good weekend. xx

  2. Couldn't email you back this morning, not sure why. If you send me your address,I'll pop it in the post for you. Don't worry about the interiors mags. x

  3. Glad you found a swapsie! I love the biccies! Nice to see you love annie x

  4. Oh I haven't yet! I couldn't let the lovely Romi and Bob send it so far with nothing in return! x

  5. Hi I'm still reading I just unfortunately don't have much blogging time at the moment with work being so crazy!!

    If I see the magazine on my travels I'll pick up a copy for you!

    Victoria xxx

  6. Hiya, don't worry about the comments - I've been trying to keep up, but I think the Summer holidays makes a lot of people go quiet - that's my excuse anyway! I'm hoping to get a bit more free time now both boys are in school for at least some of the day x


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