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Hey Everyone...

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Ours was unexpectedly busy but in a good way!

On Saturday, our trip out with my nieces was cancelled so we took the opportunity to work on our furniture renovation projects I showed you.

Most of Saturday was spent sanding and painting, and by the evening, the first coat of paint was on the bureau and the chair...

Can you see me finishing the chair?

This is just a teaser - I'm hoping to cover the chair seat with some left over fabric from an old project one evening this week. But we still have to decide whether we like the slightly weathered uneven look of the paint on both pieces or go for another coat!? What do you think?

Also on Saturday, I needed to get some foam for the seat padding. But I thought I would be extra organised and use the Christmas gift list I had planned whilst off sick from work, to buy up all the materials I needed to make everyone's Christmas gifts...

A lot of fabric and a lot of money later, I am all set for making Christmas gifts! I just hope everyone will appreciate the effort I put in to them, as I'm sure they won't all look perfect! 

I am eager to get started, but I have more craft fair preparations to complete first. As of the beginning of October however I need to complete two Christmas gifts a week to make them all before Christmas! 

Wish me luck!

Jewel x

P.S. We did something exciting last night - I'll tell you all about it tomorrow! x


  1. Can't wait to see what the furiture ends up looking like..!
    I wonder what it is your making for family.. I have to do the same and can't make a decision on what to make for them all...

    ashley xxx

  2. The bureau would lovely sanded back slightly, to show some of the grain on the wood? It looks great so far! Ahh, and another one starting to prepare for christmas! I'm glad I'm not the only one! I'll get my bunting and cards started soon! x

  3. My next furniture project is painting a grandfather clock case, its getting round to these things...

    It will look great when done.


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