Birds & Toast!

Hi everyone,

Well what a lovely weekend! I had an added treat this weekend and picked up some bits for my kitchen that I ordered online as they were a bargain...

A beautiful red heart toast rack - matching a lot of our red kitchen accessories. And a pink china bird napkin ring (there will be three more that match) that were just so cute, and perfect for easter!

On sunday morning I also woke up to this...

A lovely breakfast in bed from my gorgeous fiance! It's the little things that make me happy - like this!

On a different note, I wanted to ask if anyone has any good ideas of what to do with empty vintage cotton reels - as I now have some from all my sewing! Any ideas would be great! Have a good week!

Jewel x


  1. Hi Jewel,
    Why not wrap some small lengths of pretty ribbon around your cotton reels, just for display or can be used?!
    Also, where are the charity shops in camden town? when i was there last month i saw none! am I blind or are they hidden!?
    X G

  2. Hi
    Just found your blog - its lovely buying new bits and pieces for your home - that toast rack is really sweet. I love heart-shaped things.

  3. I love the toast rack....I have a vintage one but have never used it.Does it work well?

  4. Hi Juli! Thank you for your comment on my post! The china is Pip Studio and it can be found on the John Lewis website along with all of the Pip Studio homeware goodies! I am a massive Pip Studio fan and so glad it is now more readily available in the UK!

    Have a fab evening!

    Vanessa x

  5. What a charming breakfast tray! Also, love your duvet. So cheerful!


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