Chocolate Galore...

Hi Everyone,

I hope you've had a lovely day and eaten lots of chocolate! I started the day with.... BAKING!

I made some Easter malted cupcakes for our family picnic...

Fresh from the oven - the sponge was very light and fluffy

The Hummingbird bakery recipe I used

The result - or what was left of them after a day of sun and everyone tucking in!

The icing was 'malted' but unfortunately just MELTED! I think it was mostly my fault as I didn't let the melted chocolate cool enough before adding the last of the ingredients, but it made it very hard to ice and meant they melted very quickly in the lovely sun! So they didn't look great - but they tasted good!

I was very lucky and had lots of lovely eggs. My fiance bought me a large lindt egg with two lindt bunnies, and then my Mum bought be another lindt egg with three tiny lindt bunnies! I also have hundreds of mini eggs left over from the cakes! I shall have to try and ration it all over the next few weeks! 

Tomorrow, I'm off up to Birmingham on the train to visit two good uni friends! I hope it will be lovely whether and we'll spend some time catching up and relaxing in the sun!

Hope you all have a fantastic last day off, before the mini working week!

Jewel x


  1. Who cares what the cakes look like, if they taste good that's all that matters!!!!

    I've yet to try any recipes from the Hummingbird cookbook!

    Victoria xx


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