My First (Yet Fourth) Sewing Project Finished...

...Well almost!

Hi everyone,

So on Wednesday it was Big Girl Craft Club at Emporium Tea Rooms and I finally finished the first project I started - the Cath Kidston bag that comes with the 'Sew!' book.

It isn't 'actually' finished, as I still have to finish off the buttonholes, but it is all sewn and useable other than that!

It is also really my fourth finished item (my mum's cushion, chairpad and my niece's bunting, having all been started and finished since), but the bag was the first thing I started.

Two days after I was given a sewing machine for my birthday, I attended the first Big Girls Craft Club and started this bag! I'm very proud of how far I've come to create three other items from scratch (two of which without any pattern or instructions!) but I will always cherish this bag as the first thing I made!

It's also imperfect, as I ran out of the colour thread I started with, and when I sewed the label I was too over confident and made it all wonky, but the beauty is I know it's handmade with love and was my first ever sewing accomplishment (with a machine!)

Here's to many more projects!

Jewel x


  1. Adorable - congrats on completing another project!

  2. Thanks for taking a look at my blog - and for your lovely comments!

    The wardrobes are actually a very expensive range from Harveys furniture store, but I got them from a local shop who takes in cancelled orders or slightly damaged stuff. There were a couple of bits of damage - but just adds the shabby chic look - and I got them a lot cheaper!! They were something like £250 for each wardrobe!! Bargain!
    I have just enjoyed looking thru your blog - I am loving the ideas you have come up with for your wedding! I will start following you as I would love to see more!
    Take care


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