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Hi Everyone,

Hope you've had a fantastic weekend! Mine got even better today! The fiance and I headed off to St.Albans for the day. After reading Gem's Blog we decided to start off by dropping into the Fleetville Vintage Emporium! It was an unbelievably amazing treasure trove of beautiful antique and vintage clothes, homeware and furniture. The fiance was happy to browse through the books and records while I looked at china. I saw a beautiful set of Royal Albert china, which matches some cups and cake saucers I already have, but unfortunately £130 was out of my price range. After an hour and a half of rummaging we stopped for a huge (bargain) pot of tea, before buying a little project for our flat!

We've needed a little hall table for our telephone and internet hub since we moved in 17 months ago, but we've never found anything slim enought to fit in our hall. We found this lovely wooden cabinet - which luckily has feet.

My fiance has agreed to clean it and sand it down, and I'm planning on painting it white. We may also change the knob! Then it will be perfect! My fiance loves to try to haggle - I'm very nervous of this and usually get embarrased by him doing it - so I wandered off to admire the treasures while he bargained down from £18 to £16. He was very proud!

Unfortunately, I didn't find anything else I was willing to part money with! There were so many beautiful things, but i'm trying to be thrifty! Hopefully next time I'll find a little something though!

Next we wandered round the shops, and my fiance bought me some bulbs for the garden which he'd kindly offered to do when I dug up my boxes to find my old bulbs had disintegrated!

He's going to drill some holes in the tubs - as last winter everything died off from being waterlogged for too long - and then I'll plant these bulbs and hope they still grow and bloom this year!

I also picked up some fabric ready for a secret sewing project I'm starting!

Then we went for a wander around the abbey/cathedral which I has never seen before! It was absolutely beautiful, and there just happened to be a choir singing as we ambled around inside! Here's a few of the pictures I took!

We stopped for lunch at the waffle house. We were expecting a little shop, but found a gorgeous house, set by a bridge over a stream. It was a beautiful setting and the food was quirky & yummy!

I managed to quickly capture a picture of a tiny little blue butterfly I had never seen before, as it landed on the bush behind my fiance!

So all in all I've had a fantastic weekend! The first relaxing and totally enjoyable weekend I've had in a long time...

Just shows, sometimes you just need to put a little thought in to get a lot out of your time!

What did you get up to this weekend?

Jewel x


  1. Hi Julie,
    Glad I inspired you to take a trip!
    Great find!
    Looking forward to seeing the makeover.

  2. I love the new table and can't wait to see it's make over. I have a bedside table in my bedroom waiting for me to get inspired with a paintbrush!

    Thank you for your kind comments on my home - believe me it doesn't always look like that and it's taken me a year to get everything just how I'd like it!

    Victoria xx

  3. Looks like you had a lovely weekend xxx

  4. What a great location for the waffle house. Glad you had a good weekend. x


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