A cup of tea solves everything...

…You may not believe me but its true!

A cup of tea can console even the most distraught of people. Taking little sips giving them time to breathe, and the warmth from the mug giving them comfort.

Best served in a tea cup - it tastes soo much better - and preferably with cake or sandwiches. Although i’m patriotic to the traditional English Breakfast, in this case an afternoon tea blend adds no end of sophistication to an occasion.

In the morning it brings many people back of life, and prepares them for the trials of the day. It can qwell even the most shakiest of nerves.

My Morning Cuppa
(My Morning Cuppa)

A cuppa is essential fare for a good old chat with your best friend, or when breaking bad news. With milk and sugar it softens the blow.

Of course there are hundreds of different types of tea. Exploring the history, can be even more rewarding then the tea itself (sampling the blends you’re reading about as you go will make the task less daunting).

A World of Tea

Herbal blends should get their mention too. Prescribed for all types of ailments, but most useful when you feel you have overindulged and just need a good detox (Post Christmas and boozy Birthdays being a great time to give some a try). Fruity to medicinal, they all have their place - although I must say be careful with diet tea, the bitter taste is often hard to swallow!

Afternoon tea is the most important and special incarnation of tea. A real English tradition for centuries (although apparently not originally our idea, which I find hard to believe) here tea is decadent. Often Earl Grey is the favourite to accompany delicacies such as patisserie, macaroons and fine finger sandwiches.

 Decadent Afternoon Tea

Nowadays tea is a phenomenon and regaining its popularity as an afternoon essential, with tea shops popping up all over the place (much to my delight). You can even visit the British Museum on one Friday a month to see a demonstration of traditional tea making.

So, take the time to really indulge in your cuppa, as a rare moment in the day where you can really take a breather, empty your mind and relax.

Jewel x

(Taken from my tumblr blog - http://truthbeautyfreedom-love.tumblr.com/ )


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