Oh What A Perfect Day....

Hi Everyone,

Hope you're having a lovely weekend! I've had a fantastic day (and it's not even over yet) but I was so excited that I had to come and blog. I'm relaxing for a bit on the sofa anyway!

So this morning my fiance left me in bed and went to pick up a missed package from the post office. It turned out to be some yummy hot chocolate he had ordered for me from Whittards! There was a promotional code and as I had never tried their delicious sounding hot chocolate before, he decided to order me some...

I can't wait to try some tonight as my nightcap!

Then we decided to go to a vintage/craft fair in Hampstead. We were given a flyer for it two weeks ago when we attended another local craft fair in Highgate. The flyer promised afternoon tea so I had to check it out.

It was a lovely little fair! However, most of the craft were sewn, and as a new sewing enthusiast I decided I would rather try making them myself than buying them! So, I didn't buy anything, except some yummy cupcakes (mostly for the box)...

As we were in Hampstead we wandered around the shops, stopping in at Ye Olde Mr.Simm's Sweet Shop (although we now have a closer one just up the road, this is the original) and my fiance treated me to a special chocolate bar. Apologies, I've already eaten some of it...

We stopped in at a vintage/antiques shop in Hampstead, where I've found a couple of bargains before. Today was a good day! I found 6 pretty plates for our wedding china collection, and a matching cup and saucer (which I've decided to keep for my own mismatched tea set). They were all very grubby and a little faded and one plate has a largish crack, but I got the lot for £3 and they have cleaned up nicely. I also noticed while cleaning them that the detail is 24 carat gold. 

Unfortunately, I have no knowledge of what brands of china are expensive or collectible, or whether gold or silver plating makes them more valuable. When I post about my personal collection, maybe I will list the 'makes' and somewhere here could advise me on them?

On the way back home, we passed our local library, which I had been meaning to join for a long time. So we stopped in and signed up, and spent time wandering around to find some good books to borrow. Here is what I found...

The newest Phillipa Gregory book, which I had been putting off buying until it came out in paperback. I'm sure people would frown upon these books, as they are fairly embellished, but I love stories of tudor times. 

A book on Kenya, as I would love to go their for our honeymoon, but need to research where to go etc...

A book on being a 'beautiful bride' which I picked up and opened with a scowl on my face, but then quite liked the tips on exercise for certain body areas.

And lastly, a sewing book which has lots of simple yet effective projects in, perfect for a near novice such as myself. 

Now I just need to set aside time to read them all!

Then, the best part of the day so far... 

I got home from our lovely morning out and found a little something in my post box...

A lovely card, and beautiful tea themed necklace from my amazing bestest friend Lucy. I had been feeling pretty rubbish during the week because of my job, and Lucy sent me this to cheer me up! It really worked and I've been skipping around since! I hardly get to see her as she lives up NORTH (midlands really but to me that is north!) and she's a student and I'm working full time! But I have just booked train tickets to go visit her on Easter Monday - I can't wait!

So to top off our day, we got out some of my pretty china and enjoyed our cupcakes out in our little communal garden in the sunshine (which suddenly disappeared as soon as we came inside and hasn't reappeared since!)

Before we decided to take it out into the sunshine!

Tonight we're of out to Covent Garden to celebrate a friend's birthday, and also his amazing achievement of running the marathon des sables - a 6 day ultra marathon throughout the desert! And of raising more than £5000 for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity! See his blog about the whole experience here - Nick's Desert Run!

Tomorrow we're off to St.Alban's to explore, as I have never been around the town centre before - fingers crossed for some more sunshine!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Jewel x


  1. You live in such a perfect spot! Great for exploring all those lovely areas of London and the suburbs and they must have lots of vintage and craft type fairs!
    I haven't been to central London since moving to Kent as it just costs so much on the train from here!
    You are so lucky!

  2. The tea set is so pretty, I love the colours, ver girly. This was a bargain that had to be snapped up, well done you xxx


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