Just Another Manic Monday...

Hi Everyone,

Well the weekend is well and truly over, and back to work with a bump! *Sigh* However, I have a few things that cheered me up once work was over and done with.

I picked up a freecycled item...

A lovely beach style deckchair for our little communal garden. It's in great condition and will be perfect for sunbathing in! Now we don't just have to sit at our little table!

We also stopped at the local library (near work) and I picked up the book I had been looking for, after seeing it on someone else's blog (I apologise I have forgotten who!)

I can't wait to look through it and find some great thrifty ideas!

Then lastly, when I arrived home, I found a package waiting for me! My second delivery of 'Baked & Delicious' magazines complete with a cake slice (which I have needed for months), a silicone quiche dish, and 2 silicone heart tins.

I just need an excuse to bake something now! Although cupcakes are planned for this weekend for easter sunday, so I won't get to use them just yet!

Can anyone recommend any quiche recipes?

Jewel x


  1. The Thrift Book is fantastic and I've got it in my bedside draw to re-read again! I went through it with a highlighter the first time I read it!

    Victoria xx

  2. So glad you managed to get hold of the book, I'm still no where near finished with it yet, but it is one that I will be reffering to for years to come yet, that's for sure xxx


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