Some Fab Finds...

Hey everyone,

Just a little reminder of my previous blog... I would love to find someone to give the biscuit tins a good home! Please let me know!

Now onto today - it was going to be about my latest finished sewing project, but that's now going to take second place to some lovely finds I found today in the local charity shop...

Firstly, a little wicker basket which I need for one of my flowergirls for the wedding (I already have one that I got for free). This one was only £1 and a perfect size! We'll be spray painting them white and I would like to decorate them with fake flowers and pearls maybe!?

I also bought some more saucers and a plate for our wedding collection for place settings...

And I found these beautiful cake plate/saucers that are the same shape as our royal albert ones! 

Unfortunately one is just the plate, and one has a cup but the handle is broken off! I loved them sooo much though that I had to buy them and will add them to my own mismatch collection. I will probably use the broken cup as a sugar bowl or put something pretty in it - any ideas?

Lastly, I just want to share a picture of some beautiful pink roses my fiance bought me yesterday because  'he loves me' which was so sweet!

Jewel x


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