An Inspiration...

A big inspiration for my new love of sewing, baking and homemaking is... Cath Kidston.

For a long time I loved her beautiful prints. However, as a poor student I never felt I could justify buying myself anything! Then, when I graduated and got my first proper job (after slumming it as a support worker on terrible hours), I decided it was about time I treated myself.

With my first paycheck I went all the way to sunny Kensington to buy myself this...

A real Cath Kidston Bucket Bag - I had wanted one for so long!

Soon after I treated myself to the Cath Kidston stickers (although saved money by buying from ebay!)

In the summer I treated myself to a beautiful pair of sandals I had been lusting over in the Cath Kidston catalogue, as they were in the SALE!

For our first Christmas in our new little flat, my lovely fiance (then boyfriend) bought me these...

A beautiful apron & cushion - which took pride of place in our new little flat!

From there the collection sort of spiralled!

Then for my birthday last year, one of my lovely uni friends bought me this amazing magnetic note pad for my new flat - I was really touched!

People really started to get the idea that I loved Cath Kidston...

An old friend bought me this lovely address book for Christmas

My lovely uni friend also bought me an apron (now I have 2 - so lucky) and some cupcake cases for my birthday this year, as she knows I love baking!

My fiance's sister and mum bought me a glasses case, tape measure, and scissors for my birthday this year, as they knew I was getting a sewing machine! I was so surprised!

My sister bought me some cupcake cases (So now I definately won't run out) and a Cath Kidston diary from my birthday!

My Mum & Dad got me the Cath Kidston Sew book for my birthday (along with a gorgeous bright pink sewing machine from John Lewis!)

So I now have an amazing collection!

But can you spot the three fakes?

I bought myself this tea cosy and umbrella (from primark!) in the style of Cath Kidston!

And if you were wondering - the bedspread is also a homage to Cath Kidston (a la Ikea!)

I am soooo lucky to have friends and family who treat me to these lovely gifts (as they aren't cheap) and who really know what I love!

And now that it is a bit of an obsession.... Here's to collecting even more!

Jewel x


  1. I love Cath too!, Although you have a way better collection then me! The spotty shoes are my favourite, very jealous! Emmax

  2. Hi Julie!
    I didn't know you had a blog! :) Am chuffed that you do!
    The fabrics are from and are Tanya Whelan.
    Off to have a proper look at your blog
    Gemma (BGCC) X

  3. Hi Emma, I think the sandals are my fav too! They were a find! I am lucky I got lots of bits for my birthday! What is your fav pattern? x

  4. Hi Gemma,

    It was your blog that inspired me! I hope you don't mind! I had another blog but it wasn't keeping my attention and this one is so much more fun! Ooo thank you! I found the designer but couldn't find a good place to buy them! See you next week! x


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