Bluebells, Bluebells Everywhere...

Hi Everyone,

Hope you're enjoying the start of the long weekend and the beautiful sunshine! My fiance and I were stuck with what to do, but this morning after a lovely long lie in, we decided on Kew Gardens as we had been meaning to go for a long time! What a great choice it was!

We had a fantastic day! The sun was beating down but there was a gentle breeze. And the gardens were fantastically beautiful! My feet ache now but all the walking was worth it.

Here are a selection of the photos I took (I took 135 in total - oops!)

The bluebells were the most impressive. I have always loved the way they make a cloud of floating purple that looks like a dewy mist.

My fiance treated us to the entire day (entry, lunch and a little gift) as he'd been paid a little extra for a job. He bought me this fantastic string tin...

I saw a similar one on someone's blog - in their beautiful potting shed - so I'm hoping this will be kept until we move and have a potting shed of our own. In the meantime I hope to use the string for some crafty projects. Speaking of crafty projects, I also bought myself this ribbon (which when I got to the till was half price - yay!)

Again I'm hoping to use it somewhere!

Any ideas of what I can use them for?

Well I'm rushing off to my mother-in-law to be's BBQ (that was hard to say even in my head) and my mum and dad have just popped over for tea in our garden, so I must dash! Have a fantastic rest of the weekend!

Jewel x


  1. You certainly had the perfect day for a trip to Kew Gardens!

    Enjoy your BBQ,

    Victoria xx


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